The IKO designer shingles are more of a luxury shingle. It’s just night and day from the way it looks on a home, the way it pops, the thickness and the exposure.

Out of all of the choices that we have, there’s a certain reason that we go with IKO instead of other shingle manufacturers. If you’re looking for an elegant roof, Royal Estate and Crowne Slate are definitely the shingles to use. I’ve worked many slate jobs. Slate can fall apart, it can crack, it can get hit by hail.

Royal Estate and Crowne Slate are just a beautiful, elegant shingle, it gives you that profile of beauty and elegance with the cut lines. It’s very easy to install and it makes the house look absolutely gorgeous. I was concerned about the architectural integrity and the look of the house quite a bit. The up-cost and maintenance of slate prevented us from going that way. This product mimicked slate,it was cost-effective and aesthetically I’ve had people stop me while I’m working outside and ask me about the product.

“What is it that you put on your roof?” I’m very pleased with it.

We get a lot of volatile weather. From Tornadoes to super humidity. Wood is wood, right? It weathers, it’s not going to hold a certain color and even if you treat it, it’s going to look not as up to par as when you first installed it. Armourshake is way better because, obviously, from the thickness of the shingle, it has a Class A fire rating, and just the exposure, if you look at the roof we installed two years ago it looks just like we put it on yesterday. That’s a better option for a homeowner because you want your roof to look like it was installed yesterday.

A home is your major investment. If you don’t put your best foot forward insofar as materials, you’re going to pay for it somewhere down the road.

The integrity of the product was above the norm by leaps and bounds. It represents the quality that we want represented in our home.

Designer Shingles

Engineered for enduring performance. The three premium laminated asphalt shingles in this collection all offer you and yours beautiful protection and outstanding shelter against the elements. Enjoy the peace of mind and admiring looks that a new roof of IKO ArmourshakeTM, Crowne SlateTM or Royal EstateTM can deliver.

To stand out or blend in? Beautiful options for any home.

Upscale finishes inside your home can completely transform the look, potentially add resale value and make a personal statement. So can choosing the right color blend and profile from among the many that IKO has to offer.

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montage of a roof, a model airplane, and weathered wood

IKO Designer Home Showcase Gallery

See how IKO Designer shingles look on actual upscale homes like yours. No matter what your home’s architectural style, you’ll find the perfect color blend and shingle profile to reflect your sense of style — all while protecting your family against the elements. Choose from IKO’s Designer line of shingles: Armourshake, Crowne Slate or Royal Estate.

See your favorite shingle color on a photo of your own home.

Exploring COLOR OPTIONS is easy with IKO’s ROOFViewer® Interactive Roof Color Visualizer Tool.

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