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IKO Launches New Commercial Roof and Wall Products

Wednesday, May 24th 2017

Trade shows offer an extraordinary opportunity to highlight products and roofing solutions for both residential and commercial roofing contractors. IKO’s new products showcased at 2017 trade shows are providing learning opportunities and hands-on demonstrations for all who attend.

Vice President of Commercial Division for IKO Industries Akif Amin says, “The shows are a great opportunity for us to talk about new commercial roofing products like ShieldBase™ Cover Board and two others from our AquaBarrier™ line. We think our contractor customers, architects and specifiers will find these new products to be durable and versatile.”


ShieldBase Laminated Cover Board combines a polyester reinforced SBS modified bitumen base sheet to IKOTherm™ CoverShield Polyiso Insulation. This specialty cover board provides a durable solution for a variety of cap sheet installation applications. Available in either a film top or sand top surface, ShieldBase is an excellent choice in re-cover applications to reduce the dead weight load of the roofing system. The CoverShield layer of the product is a lightweight and rigid foam insulation with high thermal properties, which can offer insulation protection and an R value of 2.5.

The dual selvage self-adhering edges of the product can allow for easy joining of the base to adjacent ShieldBase boards, enabling a quick application of the roofing system’s base layer. ShieldBase may be applied as a mechanically fastened system, offering a fastening pattern of 18″ on-centre to reduce material and labour. It also may be adhered with IKO Millennium™Adhesive or fully adhered with hot asphalt.

AquaBarrier™ AVB

AquaBarrier AVB Air and Vapour Barrier is a self-adhering non-permeable membrane providing superior performance in wall assemblies where an air and vapour barrier is required.

One of two IKO Building Envelope products introduced earlier this year, AquaBarrier AVB membranes are available in a variety of roll sizes and in both standard and low temperature grades. These membranes can be applied to most standard substrates, including: gypsum, OSB, concrete, CMU and plywood. They are versatile for applications, such as: masonry cavity walls, metal cladding systems, curtain walls and parapets.

AquaBarrier AVB is manufactured by integrally bonding SBS modified asphalt to a high density, cross-laminated woven polyethylene film, providing reinforcement for extra durability. The backing surface is an easily removed silicone release paper.

“When installed according to specifications and used with IKO S.A.M. or S.A.M LVC Adhesive, we think our contractors will find AquaBarrier AVB is an effective barrier to moisture vapor transmission and air leakage,” notes IKO Senior Manager of Codes and Approval Dave Miller. The IKO AquaBarrier line also includes tape and mastic products for specialized detail areas.

AquaBarrier™ VP

IKO AquaBarrier VP Self-Adhering Vapour Permeable Membrane is a self-adhering, primerless vapour permeable membrane. Another addition to the IKO Building Envelope new product lineup, AquaBarrier VP provides superior performance in wall assemblies where a vapour permeable, weather resistive air barrier is required. “This self-adhering vapour permeable product is an excellent choice for architects and specifiers who want to use a vapour permeable yet mold resistant membrane for wall assemblies in their building envelope projects,” says Miller.

Due to the vapor permeable matrix of AquaBarrier VP, it is readily compatible and may be applied to most common substrates such as gypsum, OSB, block, concrete, CMU and plywood. This versatile product is designed for numerous applications, such as: masonry cavity walls, metal cladding systems, siding applications, renovations and retrofits, curtain walls and parapets.

AquaBarrier VP is a polyolefin synthetic polymer (fibre) membrane with low water retention capacity and is therefore mold and mildew resistant. AquaBarrier VP is an effective vapour permeable membrane when installed according to IKO specifications. Coated with a proprietary acrylic adhesive on the back surface, the product offers high-performance for common wall applications and has an easily removed polypropylene release film. No mechanical attachments or primer are required in the application of AquaBarrier VP, and the lightweight design of the membrane makes it easy to install.