Pipe Boots, Edge Metal and Walkway Pads
iko tpo membrane over insulation
tpo welder used to heat weld a membrane seam
roofer fastening insulation board to roof substrate
tpo membrane being rolled on top of mechanically fastened polyiso insulation
InnoviBoot TPO single-ply membrane products are designed to flash plumbing vent stacks or similar penetrations and are available in various constructions, such as Universal Round Pipe Boots, Split Squares and Split Round Pipe Boots. InnoviEdge Edge Metal is compatible with IKO InnoviTPO single-ply roofing systems, accepts direct heat welding of TPO membranes and is easily fabricated by the contractor to meet multiple edge profiles, including drip edges, gravel stops and scuppers. InnoviStep Walkway Pads are robust textured pads 125 mils thick, are available in 3-foot by 60-foot (1-m x 18-m) rolls, are easy to install and are an excellent choice for application around HVAC units. InnoviBoot and InnoviStep are integral components in systems qualifying for the IKO Diamond Shield Limited Warranty.
Pipe Boots, Edge Metal and Walkway Pads
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