Primers and Pre-Wash
TPO T-Joint Patch being heat welded
TPO Reinforced Perimeter Strip (RPS)
white TPO membrane roll
insulation used in a fullky adhered TPO installation
InnoviPrime™ TPO single-ply membrane primers prepare TPO membranes to receive seam, cover and flashing tapes, resulting in a well-sealed roof system with all compatible components and accessories. InnoviPrime TPO prewashes are versatile solvent-based roof accessories, excellent for cleaning dirt and contaminants from the field of TPO roofs. When used with clean TPO roofs, InnoviPrime TPO prewashes serve as cleaners and primers. Both the InnoviPrime primers and prewashes are available in standard formulations and LVOC grades for use in regulated markets. InnoviPrime products are key accessories in ensuring optimal roof system performance and are important components in systems qualifying for the IKO Diamond Shield Limited Warranty.
Primers and Pre-Wash
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