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[VIDEO] Social Media Tips for Roofers - Episode 3

Update, reuse and market your hard-earned content

The third episode in our Social Media Tips for Roofers video series on IKO TV covers how to keep up with the high content demands of an effective social media strategy.

It can be laborious constantly inventing content to share with your audience; however, these tips can help you re-market and treat different versions of your original content to make sure you’re hitting your target followers and subscribers.

Transcript follows the video below:

As your new social media channels continue to grow, it becomes more challenging to keep up with content. But there are a couple more tricks at your disposal to lighten the load.

Once you’ve got a solid library of articles, stories, posts, pictures and videos, it’s perfectly good practice to re-use or update and re-market your content. Activity on social media is so rapid, it is most likely that some of your content may have been missed by your audience.

Make sure that once you publish that great content, you set aside a few hours a week to try and get it “out to the market.” This can include, sharing the content over channels- Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc, or maybe posting a link in a roofing or homeowner community, so that other professionals like you, can interact with and engage with your content.

Always try to remind people to follow your social media properties. Don’t be shy about getting people to add, follow, or subscribe to your channels.

Thanks for tuning into our social media tips for roofers video series on IKO-TV. If you like the video, please give us a thumbs up below and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button to stay in touch with other information from our channel. I’m Brad wishing you the best of luck from all of us at IKO.

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