IKO Innovation Fights Forces of Nature

DynastyTM and Cambridge IRTM demos increase contractor confidence during IRE

NEW ORLEANS, La. (February 6, 2018) – IKO’s commitment to innovation is displayed this week at the International Roofing Expo (IRE) as its DynastyTM with ArmourZone® and Cambridge IRTM with ArmourZone® laminate asphalt shingles are put to the most challenging of tests. Contractors are experiencing IKO’s performance products’ strength and durability through a battery of demonstrations that highlight tear-, wind-, and impact-resistance as compared with other shingles in the marketplace.

“Innovation has been an imperative at IKO since 1951,” says Mark Okland, product development manager, IKO North America. “We’ve heavily invested in advances that provide our customers options that outperform many competitors. We believe seeing this innovation first-hand instills confidence and illustrates that IKO performance shingles are products they can depend on at their worksites.”

During all three days of IRE, contractors are seeing the sturdiness and resistance of Dynasty and Cambridge IR—through a series of hands-on tests that illustrate the products nail holding power, sealant strength, impact resistance, and overall durability.

Considered the best overall value for contractors, Dynasty and Cambridge IR are feature products of IKO’s Performance category, one of three product categories for residential roofing that also includes the company’s Premium and Architectural laminate shingles.

DynastyTM with ArmourZone®

Severe wind activity over the past two decades has prompted the development of products that meet the new performance thresholds of rapidly changing climate demands. And, IKO has innovated Dynasty with ArmourZone to specifically meet those needs.

Featured in the demo is Dynasty, a heavy-duty shingle built with quality in mind. Dynasty has built-in algae resistance, core strength from its fiber glass mat, exceptional bonding strength, and a nailing zone that is 40 percent wider than standard architectural shingles, making installation easier, faster, and more accurate. And, they come in a palette of spectacular color blends, giving homeowners a wide range of aesthetic options.

IKO Dynasty shingles also feature a tear-resistant, reinforced woven band within the ArmourZone that provides fastening strength over a greater surface area of the shingle, helping to resist nail heads from pulling through the shingle in high winds.

“We’re so confident in Dynasty’s high wind performance that we provide warranty coverage for gusts similar to a Category 4 hurricane (up to 130 mph, or 210 km/h), with the use of only four nails per shingle,” continued Okland.

Another feature of Dynasty’s shingle construction includes FastlockTM sealant strips, which are formulated to be thick and aggressive, creating a strong bond to the shingles below.

Cambridge IRTM with ArmourZone®

Also featured in the IRE demo is the Cambridge IR line. In addition to offering contractors the popular benefits of IKO’s ArmourZone, Cambridge IR is engineered to provide superior weather protection—with excellent resistance against wind, water, and impacts. Homeowners will especially appreciate benefits from Cambridge IR’s FM Approvals’ Class 4 impact resistance rating*— among the highest in the industry—as they may be able to receive homeowner’s insurance discounts. In fact, IKO presents this rating for the sole purpose of enabling residential property owners to obtain a reduction in their residential insurance premium, if available. It is not to be construed as any type of express or implied warranty or guarantee of the impact performance of this shingle by the manufacturer or supplier.

Cambridge IR achieved this rating through an extensive test that uses man-made ice balls propelled at roofing materials with an air cannon to simulate the impact forces of free-falling hail.* IRE attendees will be able to see these tests first hand on the show floor.

The Cambridge IR line also provides six popular colors to meet the design needs of most any homeowner.

*For further detail concerning the test and the FM 4473 standards, see
[https://www.iko.com/na/publication/specification-test-standard-impact-resistance/wppa_open/] (current as of 6/22/16).

About IKO

IKO is a worldwide leader in the roofing, waterproofing and insulation industry for residential and commercial markets. A family-owned business established in 1951, IKO remains firmly rooted in its founding values of craftsmanship and innovation to provide best-in-class products, services and value. Committed to a high level of vertical integration, the company also maintains its founder’s belief of the importance of controlling the raw materials used in its manufacturing process. IKO operates more than 25 manufacturing plants throughout North America and Europe. For more information on IKO and its full line of roofing product solutions, visit www.iko.com.

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