New Video Features IKO Dynasty™ Roofing Shingles with ArmourZone

Company puts video on YouTube to support recent product launch, educate homeowners and contractors

KANKAKEE, IL – 26, August, 2015, 2015 – IKO, a global manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing shingles and related roofing products, has uploaded a compelling video to its proprietary YouTube Channel.

This summer, the company introduced its most advanced architectural laminated shingle ever: IKO Dynasty with ArmourZone. According to Carol Perkins, Director of Marketing, IKO supported that introduction with an equally aggressive product launch.

“This video is a graphic compilation and logical extension of all our launch materials,” she explains. “IKO TV host, John DeRosa, explains how severe wind activity over the past two decades has prompted the roofing products industry – and IKO, in particular – to develop products that meet the new performance thresholds of our rapidly changing climate demands.”

Addressing his audience directly, DeRosa shows footage of shingles blowing off a roof in high wind. It’s a visual that viewers are unlikely to forget; one that focuses attention on IKO’s latest solution.

DeRosa then gives a simple, but detailed and visual explanation of what the ArmourZone is and how it allows IKO Dynasty asphalt shingles to withstand high winds of up to 130 mph. In the lab, a traditional roofing shingle is pitted against IKO Dynasty to show viewers the amount of stress each sample can resist before the nail pulls through.

“Demonstration and story-telling are the best ways to communicate new or complicated information,” Perkins says. “John does a very effective job of explaining the features and benefits of IKO Dynasty with ArmourZone in an engaging, conversational style that speaks directly to homeowners as well as to contractors.”

To further illustrate the ArmourZone innovation, DeRosa uses visuals of how properly and improperly positioned nails can affect a shingle’s ultimate performance. He discusses product features such as Fastlock sealant, the reinforcing woven band on the back of the shingle and IKO’s special “Advantage” size – all of which are of special interest to contractors and installers because they can save them time, money, labor and material.

He acknowledges that performance is one thing; homeowners are also concerned with curb appeal and limited warranties. The video shows sample swatches of the seven spectacular color blends in the Dynasty line.

Before concluding the video, he uses a cut-away diagram to show how IKO Dynasty roofing shingles with ArmourZone are just one of the four IKO Pro4 Roofing Components that are engineered to work together for a roof that performs as great as it looks for years to come.

Click Here to watch the IKO Dynasty™ Roofing Shingles Feature.

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