IKO releases upgraded ROOFViewer tool for virtual roof shopping

Tuesday, January 12 2021

TORONTO — January 12, 2021 – IKO, a North American pioneer in the manufacturing of residential and commercial roofing products, has announced today the release of an updated and upgraded version of their ROOF Viewer® tool.

ROOF Viewer is an intuitive software that utilizes artificial intelligence technology to show users a vividly realistic rendering of how any given house would look complemented with the IKO roof of their choice. The robust software enables users to upload an image of their home or to choose from over three-dozen stock house photos available on the ROOF Viewer site. ROOF Viewer includes 18 color options throughout seven different IKO shingle styles. The featured shingle styles include Dynasty and Nordic from the popular Performance line, and the suite of IKO Designer shingles, which mimic the look of natural slate tiles or cedar shakes.


ROOF Viewer, which first launched in 2003, has earned its reputation as a vital tool for both homeowners and roofing contractors during the shingle style-and-color decision-making process. The ROOFViewer user experience has been redesigned for homebuyers in the 2020s. “The new ROOF Viewer proudly boasts several innovative personalization features,” said Jeff Williams, brand director at IKO. “One of those highlights is the comparison tool, which utilizes a split screen to show varying colors and/or styles side by side on one roof.”

ROOF Viewer can be found on IKO’s North American residential website (www.iko.com/na/) and is easily accessible via a standard web browser on a desktop computer or smartphone. The featured homes offer a wide variety of styles that include colonial, ranch, Victorian and more. Once a house is selected, home-exterior details, such as colors for window and door trim, can be selected to reflect the user’s home or personal preference.

“This software is designed to provide both homeowners and contractors with a seamless and enjoyable experience that helps ease, what is for some, a difficult decision,” Williams continued. “We celebrate this milestone along with all of the people who will be utilizing ROOFViewer on their purchase journey, which will result in a beautiful new IKO roof.”

IMPORTANT! To ensure complete satisfaction, please view several full size shingles and an actual roof installation prior to final color selection as the shingle swatches and photography shown online, in our brochures and in our ROOF Viewer tool may not accurately reflect shingle color and do not fully represent the entire color blend range, nor the impact of sunlight.

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