A Reinforced Self-adhesive Cap Sheet that’s Ideal for any Low-slope Roofing Project

IKO Roof-Fast Cap is a reinforced, self-adhesive roof cap sheet that has a release film on its reverse. This roofing product works great on its own or when used along with IKO Roof-Fast Base MA for any low-slope residential roofing system. IKO Roof-Fast Cap is available in a range of attractive mineral surface colors that currently includes White, Vintage Green, Slate Grey, Driftwood and Black.

 What exactly is a “low-slope” roof? Most local building codes consider a roof to be low-slope when its pitch ranges from 4/12 and below, down to and including 2/12. In layman’s terms, here’s the math. Let’s assume a horizontal base that’s 12 feet wide. The roof would need to rise vertically to a height of 2 to 4 feet to be deemed a low-slope roof.

Low-slope roofs differ from steeper pitched roofs in other ways, too. The important thing for homeowners to understand is that a low-slope roof can’t shed water as quickly as a steeper one can, so there’s a greater chance of water leaking through the roof during periods of prolonged, wind-driven rain. Also, in cold weather, water can back up and leak through the roof if ice dams form.

To help protect homeowners against the potential water damage that low-slope roofs are susceptible to, most municipal authorities have amended local building codes to help ensure that contractors and handy homeowners respect the set of relevant specifications when adding one or more low-slope roofs to a new or renovated home. IKO Roof-Fast Cap is engineered to meet or exceed these critical building code specifications.

IKO Roof-Fast Cap, when used with IKO Roof-Fast Base MA, is an ideal solution for renovated structures with a low-slope roof, replacing the traditional 3-ply shingles that were used up until the mid-1990s. It, too, creates a multilayer roofing system that provides an optimal level of protection against leaky roofs.

Shingle Color:
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Shingle Color:
Slate Grey
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Shingle Color:
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Shingle Color:
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Shingle Color:
Dual Brown
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7 m x 1 m (23' x 3.3')
7 m² (75.5 sq. ft.)
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