Roofing Felt 

No well-designed roof is complete with a reliable layer of roofing felt (often called underlayment or tar paper) to add extra protection against the elements.

When you install a reliable roofing felt product, you’re adding a trustworthy layer of protection between the roof decking and shingles. With the right product, you can help improve the roof’s ability to shed water and stand up to weather over time.

Premium roofing felt products also keeps any wood resin from leaking into your shingles, and improves its overall uniformity by covering up any uneven decking. Choose from IKO’s selection of sturdy roofing felt products to lend your roof lasting, reliable reinforcement to promote peak roof performance.

Choose from our selection of No. 15 Asphalt Felt to add lasting weatherproof protection to lighter weight projects or Heavy-Duty Asphalt Felt for the ultimate in heavy-duty protection for larger residential roofing project.