Introducing IKO Gives a Fresh Start for Reese Wholesale . At Reese Wholesale, we’ve been in the business for 75 years in Indiana, and more than 20 years in Fort Wayne. We had the chance to visit IKO’s Kankakee plant when it opened a few years ago, and decided in May of 2008 to start supplying their shingles. IKO had been away from our market for a while, so it represented a new introduction for their products and for us as their customer. We’ve been very impressed with the results. IKO’s quality and lineup are a big benefit, and that goes beyond just the shingles. Our ability to sell a full system of IKO products to our customers, including starter strips, hip and ridge and underlayment is a big advantage. With IKO, it’s not just the products; they listen to us as partners as well. When we’ve gone to them with suggestions or concerns, they’ve stepped up and made changes that have made the relationship even more successful. That kind of partnership makes everyone better. Reese WholesaleRoss Smith, Vice PresidentReese Wholesale, Fort Wayne IN