The Votes Are In: IKO Armourshake Premium Shingles Named #IKOVotersChoice for 2017

Wood shake-style shingles take the top honor in the IKO “Shingled Out” Social Poll Campaign, while IKO Crowne Slate shingles finish close behind

KANKAKEE, Ill. (April 20, 2017) — As part of the IKO Shingled Out social poll campaign, U.S. and Canadian contractors were asked to select their favorite shingle among IKO’s three premium shingles, including IKO Armourshake™, IKO Crowne Slate™ and IKO Royal Estate™.

Along with participating homeowners, they helped to nominate IKO Armourshake premium shingles as the official IKO Voters’ Choice shingle — also recognized by the custom hashtag, #IKOVotersChoice.

IKO Shingled Out Poll Voting

IKO Shingled Out Poll Voting

Close Contenders
The Shingled Out campaign ran from Feb. 22 through April 14, 2017, on the IKO Roofing Facebook page. In return for their participation in the poll, voters had the chance to win one of five YETI® prize packages.

It was a close race between the three premium options, but ultimately IKO Armourshake asphalt roofing shingles took the top honor with 42 percent of the total vote. IKO Crowne Slate and IKO Royal Estate premium shingles — which mimic the sought-after appearance of genuine slate tiles — came in a close second and third place respectively.

Manufactured with advanced color-blending technology and distinctive cuts for dramatic shadows, the winning shingles feature a dimensional profile with a contoured, luxurious design. The Armourshake shingles’ intricate profile also rivals the look and appeal of traditional hand-hewn, random-cut cedar shakes without the added upkeep and expense for homeowners or time-consuming installation for contractors.

Social Savvy
IKO maintains an active social media presence to engage with contractors and homeowners and to share helpful content, such as product updates, business advice, installation tips, videos and more.

“Social media continues to be an important outlet for communicating with our customers, and the Shingled Out campaign gave them the opportunity to learn more about IKO’s premium shingle offerings, while also providing a chance to share their valued opinions,” said Brad Dicks, Social Media Manager, IKO North America. “We’re excited about the engagement and enthusiasm that the campaign created among contractors — both online and offline.”

In addition to promoting the campaign on IKO’s social channels and the IKO Blog, it was also a highlight in the IKO booth at the 2017 International Roofing Expo® (IRE). Show attendees had the chance to interact with IKO’s premium shingle offerings through a custom Shingled Out photo booth and product displays, along with an in-booth social lounge. To see photos from the IKO Shingled Out photo booth, please visit the IKO Roofing Facebook page.

YETI is a trademark of YETI, registered in the U.S. and other countries.

About IKO
IKO is a worldwide leader in the roofing, waterproofing and insulation industry for residential and commercial markets. A family-owned business established in 1951, IKO remains firmly rooted in its founding values of craftsmanship and innovation to provide best-in-class products, services and value. Committed to a high level of vertical integration, the company also maintains its founder’s belief in the importance of controlling the raw materials used in its manufacturing process. IKO operates more than 25 manufacturing plants throughout North America and Europe. For more information on IKO and its full line of roofing product solutions, visit

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