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AquaBarrierTM AVB Tapes – 40

AquaBarrier AVB Tapes 40

IKO AquaBarrier AVB Tapes – 40 Building Envelope Tapes are made by integrally bonding high-density, cross-laminated woven polyethylene film to SBS modified rubberized asphalt and can be used on various substrates such as gypsum, CMU, concrete or wood. Durable, reinforced and designed for versatility, AquaBarrier AVB Tapes – 40 can be used for numerous applications in specialized detail areas such as windows, doors, skylights, metal cladding systems, and under siding at inside and outside corners. When installed according to IKO specifications, these 40 mil tapes are cold applied and self-adhering, providing superior performance in critical flashing areas where protection from air, water and moisture is required. For best results, the use of IKO S.A.M. or S.A.M. LVC adhesive is recommended.

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