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AquaBarrierTM Tapes – 25 mil

AquaBarrier Tapes 25

IKO AquaBarrier Tapes – 25 Building Envelope Tapes are cold-applied, self-adhering 25 mil sheet membranes that provide superior performance in critical flashing areas where protection from air, water and moisture infiltration is required. IKO AquaBarrier Tapes – 25 are made by integrally bonding high-density, cross-laminated woven polyethylene film to SBS modified rubberized asphalt. AquaBarrier Tapes – 25 provides an effective barrier to moisture vapour transmission and air leakage when installed according to IKO specifications. For best results, the use of IKO S.A.M. or S.A.M. LVC adhesive is recommended. When used with IKO Enerfoil and Ener-Air insulation, AquaBarrier Tapes – 25 can act as an insulation, air barrier and weather resistant barrier all in one!

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