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IKO S.A.M.TM Adhesive LVC

IKO S.A.M. Adhesive LVC

IKO S.A.M. Adhesive LVC is a low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) solvent-based primer for use with IKO self-adhering roofing membranes or IKO AquaBarrier™ self-adhering wall membranes. IKO S.A.M. Adhesive LVC is suitable for use on most substrates including wood, glass mat/gypsum sheathing, masonry, concrete and metal. All substrates should be clean, dry and free from dust, dirt, oil and grease. S.A.M. Adhesive LVC dries to a high tack, providing excellent adhesion properties during the application process, and is effective on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Actual drying time depends on the ambient temperature and humidity during application. IKO S.A.M. Adhesive LVC may be applied by using a brush, roller or by mechanically spraying and may be easily cleaned with mineral spirits.

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