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Wall Insulation products for the building envelope

Count on IKO for the best in wall insulation systems. IKO’s innovative building envelope insulation systems are at the forefront of wall design. IKO Enerfoil™ and IKO Ener-Air™ high performing polyisocyanurate rigid foam insulation sheathing systems offer the highest R-value per inch. When IKO Enerfoil® is used with AquaBarrier™ Tapes or AcrylicStick™ SA Tapes or IKO Ener-Air™ is used with AquaBarrier VP Tapes, this innovative 2-IN-1 system eliminates the need for a separate membrane system to control air and vapour. These permeable and non-permeable products are suitable for either new construction or retrofit applications. IKO AccuCut is our new service of custom-cutting polyisocyanurate insulation sheathing at the plant to specified sizes, while creating straight and clean edges that make installation easier.

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