Fasteners and Plates
TPO T-Joint Patch being heat welded
TPO Reinforced Perimeter Strip (RPS)
white TPO membrane roll
insulation used in a fullky adhered TPO installation
InnoviFast TPO single-ply membrane fasteners are a complete range of high-quality fasteners and plates for both insulation and membrane attachment. Mechanically attached membranes are the most cost-effective application method for IKO Innovi TPO roof systems. The base IKOTherm® polyiso insulation layer(s) can be fastened with InnoviFast fasteners and round plates designed specifically for optimal insulation anchoring. IKO InnoviTPO membranes can be mechanically attached to metal or wood decks, using InnoviFast screws, available in All-Purpose, Stainless Steel and Heavy-Duty designs. InnoviFast Concrete Drive Pins are specifically designed for concrete deck applications. All of these fasteners have compatible 2-inch or 2-3/8-inch diameter seam plates. Fastening of the IKO InnoviTPO membrane at perimeter vertical flashings can be done with InnoviFast Termination Bars. All are integral components in systems qualifying for the IKO Diamond Shield Limited Warranty.
Fasteners and Plates
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