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IKO AcrylicStick™ SA Tapes

IKO AcrylicStick™ SA Tapes

IKO AcrylicSitck SA Tapes are primerless, self-adhering, non-permeable air & vapour barrier membranes. The tapes are versatile and can be used on various common substrates (gypsum, OSB, concrete, CMU and plywood) for numerous wall assembly applications (masonry cavity walls, metal cladding systems and parapets)

When installed according to IKO specifications, IKO AcrylicStick SA tapes can provide excellent performance in critical flashing areas where protection from air, water and moisture is required.

The proprietary acrylic adhesive on the back surface, makes IKO AcrylicStick SA tapes easy to install, with no mechanical attachments or primer required for standard application.

IKO AcrylicStick SA tapes are available in 22.85 m (75ft) long and 4”, 6”, 9”, 12” and 18” widths.

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