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AquaBarrierTM VP Tapes

AquaBarrierTM VP Tapes

AquaBarrier VP Tapes are primerless, cold applied, self-adhering and made of a polypropylene composite with low water retention capacity. VP Tapes can be applied directly to IKO Ener-Air Polyisocyanurate insulation as well as various substrates such as gypsum, CMU, concrete or wood without the use of adhesives.

Durable, reinforced and designed for versatility, AquaBarrier VP Tapes can also be used for applications in specialized detail areas such as windows, doors, skylights, metal cladding systems, and under siding at inside and outside corners.

When installed according to IKO specifications, VP Tapes can provide superior performance in critical flashing areas where protection from air, water, and moisture is required.

VP Tapes work in conjunction with AquaBarrier VP Vapour-Permeable full rolls to maintain barrier continuity, vapour permeability and mold/mildew resistance within the wall system. Available in 30.5 m (100 ft) rolls in 4”, 6”, 9”, 12” and 18” widths.

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