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IKO Cold GoldTM Field Adhesive

IKO Cold Gold Field Adhesive Pails

IKO Cold Gold™ Field Adhesive is a solvent-free, single component, cold-applied interply adhesive suitable for use with vapour retarders and Modiflex™ Base/Cap sheets. This product has low VOC content in accordance with California’s Quality Management District (Rule 1168) and does not require mixing. IKO Cold Gold Field Adhesive can be used as a cold applied flood coat with approved stone aggregate. When used in a membrane application, the product should be applied with a 1/4” V-notched hand trowel/squeegee. When installed as a cold applied flood coat, the product should be applied with a 1/4″ Square-notched trowel/squeegee. IKO Cold Gold™ Field Adhesive may be easily cleaned with mineral spirits prior to curing of the adhesive.

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