iko tpo membrane over insulation
tpo welder used to heat weld a membrane seam
roofer fastening insulation board to roof substrate
tpo membrane being rolled on top of mechanically fastened polyiso insulation
IKO Innovi TPO single-ply membranes provide exceptional durability and longevity. Available in 45-mil, 60-mil and 80-mil thicknesses, they are designed to meet or exceed ASTM specifications for critical strength and weathering characteristics. IKO InnoviTPO white membranes reflectivity, emissivity and SRI meets general industry radiative performance standards, such as, Energy Star®, LEED® and California Title 24, Part 6 (Cool Roof) standards. Specify IKO InnoviTPO single-ply membranes with confidence. With the appropriate specification and professional installation, the roof system can qualify for IKO’s industry-leading Diamond Shield Limited Warranty. All thicknesses of IKO InnoviTPO membranes are manufactured with our proprietary Matrix weathering formulation. Count on IKO for performance innovation.
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