IKOTherm - 25 PSI
IKOTherm™ - Rigid Foam Board Insulation for TPO Roofs
IKOTherm - 25 PSI
Polyiso Insulation

IKOTherm® – 25 PSI is composed of a select kraft paper reinforced with fiberglass strands for high strength and excellent absorption for both hot mopping and adhesive attachment methods. The product also performs well with mechanical fasteners. IKOTherm - 25 PSI is a rigid, polyisocyanurate foam insulation with a high thermal R-value that provides outstanding insulation protection, which helps to reduce heating and cooling costs. Lightweight and easy to handle, IKOTherm – 25 PSI is available in two board sizes and a range of thicknesses to meet a variety of insulation needs.
Safety Data Sheets
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