IKO’s Document Library offers a comprehensive collection of reference materials, downloads and links to help you build stronger residential roofing know-how.

It’s impossible for everyone to know everything. But if you need to find answers to all things roofing, you need to have access to IKO’s online resources. Here you’ll find links to download PDFs or watch videos that will help your crews install IKO products correctly, and work safely with the right gear. You will also learn about all the components of IKO’s integrated roofing system.

This section puts a wealth of knowledge that IKO has accumulated over the years right at your fingertips. It’s easy to navigate and it’s sure to become a trusted resource for you and your team.

Application Instructions

Proper installation is critical to performance, limited warranty requirements and ensuring customer satisfaction. Here you’ll find detailed instructions complete with diagrams to help you install various IKO products the correct way. 



Full-color, professionally-produced brochures are available for you to present and share with customers/homeowners. You’ll find literature for all IKO’s asphalt shingle collections, accessory products and more, for both residential and commercial markets.


General Literature

Here you’ll find IKO’s popular Blueprint for Roofing plus articles and literature of a more general nature, such as tips on how to estimate how much roofing is required, and feature stories about events in the industry.


Limited Warranty

IKO’s comprehensive warranty guide includes terms and conditions, installation requirements, pro-ration periods and other pertinent details about IKO’s limited warranties with special emphasis on our full line of IKO asphalt shingles and various IKO roofing products.  



Download IKO’s Blueprint for Roofing video or printable PDF now, or ask for your own DVD.



You’ll find information for IKO related products, various pieces plus articles for quick download. These including a Disaster Contacts Checklist, Fastener Requirements, Instructions for Removing Shingle Samples, Super White Shingles Manufacturer’s Certification Statement and much more.


Product Bulletins

Stay on top of industry issues that may affect your roofing business. Learn about the Miami-Dade Product Approvals, Florida Building Code compliances, Texas Department of Insurance listings, Specification Test Standard for FM4473 Impact Resistance, Proper Nailing for Laminated Shingles and much more.



IKO offers professional’s like you an added advantage. Check here frequently and stay on top of the latest IKO rebate offers, IKO spiffs and other IKO promotions.


Safety Data Sheets

Here you will find our extensive and comprehensive online library of safety data sheets that provide important information on the proper handling, storage and disposal of IKO roofing products and accessories.


Technical Data Sheets

Find most everything you’ll technically need to know about IKO roofing products, from tolerances and testing parameters to dimensions and detailed descriptions.


Warranty Application Form

Here you will find IKO’s Warranty Application Form used when a home is sold and the owner elects to transfer the advantages of IKO’s limited warranty to the purchaser. Click here to find the download for the IKO limited warranty transfer form.


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