Shelter against the storms of life is one of the most important and basic human needs.

When it’s time to protect your home and family by investing in a new or replacement roof, you can choose quality IKO roofing products with total confidence.

We offer a choice of four different collections to suit your tastes, budget, your home’s architectural style and the climate where you live: Traditional, Architectural, Performance and Premium. They all provide beauty you can see, quality you can feel and performance you can trust.


A lot has changed since IKO Industries first opened its doors in 1951. From a single building paper plant, IKO has grown into one of the world’s largest shingle manufacturers and exporters of residential roofing products. Today, our ever-expanding product line features a broad selection of styles and colors designed to meet changing homeowner preferences and provide contractors with high-quality residential roofing products that are designed to stand the test of time. But it’s what hasn’t changed that makes IKO one of the most respected names in the industry. For more than sixty years, IKO’s family-owned business has embodied the values and vision of our founder to be a consistent and reliable source of the highest-quality roofing products. For more than three generations, our owners have worked hard to be the industry’s innovation leader when it comes to new products and the manufacturing processes used to make those products. IKO’s founder also believed the highest quality roofing products are made using the best processes and the highest quality raw materials. This is why being a vertically integrated company is so important to IKO Industries, and you. Vertical integration is about gaining control of the raw materials supply and maintaining that control throughout the entire manufacturing process. Being vertically integrated means that IKO is never at the mercy of their suppliers and is better able to ensure that only the best raw materials are used to make their products. Proof of IKO’s unmatched quality is the internal measures used to verify all residential roofing products meet IKO’s ‘Gold Standard’. Being ‘Gold Standard’ verified means that all of IKO’s products are manufactured to meet the meticulous manufacturing specifications established by IKO’s quality assurance team. By meeting this standard, we support IKO’s unprecedented ability to mix and match shingles of like style and colours that are manufactured in any one of IKO’s North American manufacturing plants. While other roofing manufacturers impose their plant’s limitations with ‘do not mix’ stickers, due to IKO’s Gold Standard verification process and IKO’s high degree of vertical integration, shingles from various IKO manufacturing plants have a superior ability to be mixed and matched. A commitment to innovation. An unwavering belief in North American pride and workmanship. And an unsurpassed Gold Standard quality. Some things never change. At IKO Industries, we believe that some things never should.

shingle manufacturing, roofing sheet prior to cutting stage
montage of shingle wrapper, pallet of IKO shingle bundles, back of an IKO Dynasty shingle

Beauty You Can See.

One of the biggest decisions you make as a homeowner is selecting the right color of shingle to match your home’s exterior elements and potentially boost its curb appeal. Colored granules on the surface of the shingle produce the visual effect you see from street level.

Whether you want your home to blend into your natural surroundings or stand out from the rest in your neighborhood, we have the ideal color to make the most of your home’s architectural style and express your personal style too.

At IKO, we quarry and crush our own mineral granules then use our exclusive, advanced color blending technology to create an impressive range of color options for you to choose from. In fact, we offer some of the most spectacular color blends currently on the market.

Along with the color blends, the contour or profile and dimensional depth of our laminated shingles can give your home the sought-after upscale look of natural slate tiles or genuine wood shakes without their associated maintenance worries and expense.

All our granules contain special ultraviolet (UV) stabilizers that make them more colorfast so the shingles keep looking as great as they perform over the years. The granules also protect the underlying asphalt from the sun’s UV rays, which can potentially damage or cause it to break down, making the shingle brittle and less flexible.

Depending on which shingle you select, special granules with algae-resistant additives are available to help inhibit the blue-green algae growth that can cause harmless, but unsightly, black streaks, stains and discoloration.

We invite you to explore different colors by using the IKO ROOFViewer® Interactive Shingle Selector Tool. It allows you to mix and match our shingle colors with exterior elements such as siding and trim. You can even upload a photo of your own home and see how the color blends will look on it!

colored roof granules falling off the end of a conveyor belt

Quality You Can Feel.

Over the years, we’ve introduced several product enhancements that continue to set IKO shingles apart from many others.

We also manufacture or control most of the raw materials we use ourselves. By knowing exactly what goes into our shingles, we know exactly what you can expect to get out of them.

At the core of our shingles is a resilient, fiberglass mat which IKO manufactures at its own fiberglass mill. The mat is thoroughly impregnated and coated top and bottom with asphalt, which adds weight to help the shingles lie flat and resist wind uplift and is also their main water-resistant ingredient. IKO can modify this asphalt with certain additives designed to impart specific qualities. Impact resistance is an example.

At IKO, we’ve formulated our own special sealant that’s activated by the radiant heat of the sun and whose tack time is among the fastest in the industry. Once the adhesive bonds to the shingle below it, it helps the shingles resist wind uplift and blow-off. It also helps prevent water penetration caused by wind-driven rain by preventing the shingles from lifting.

A few years ago, IKO was among the first to introduce the metric-sized shingle. Since then, we’ve also produced even larger shingles in some of our collections. This is significant for two reasons. First, it creates a larger exposure for visual appeal. Second, it makes installation faster and easier which can help your contractor minimize labor costs.

Depending on which shingle you select, we may have added special granules with algae-resistant additives as well, to help inhibit the blue-green algae growth that can cause harmless, but unsightly, black streaks, stains and discoloration.

exterior of shingle factory at night
factory tour group passing fiberglass rolls

Performance You Can Trust.

High-quality asphalt shingles are the first line of defense against the elements but they’re most effective when used in combination with other complementary roofing products.

IKO PROFORMAX Integrated Roofing Accessories are specifically engineered to work together as a high-performance, integrated roofing system. They include:

  • Hip and ridge cap shingles which protect the vulnerable areas of your roof while creating an impressive roofline for added visual appeal.
  • Ice and water protectors for increased resistance to potentially harmful water penetration.
  • Starter strips that not only guide installers to lay the first course of shingles correctly, but provide extra resistance to wind uplift and blow-off.
  • Synthetic underlayments that are the last line of defense against water penetrating the roof deck and entering the home below.

Finally, we back IKO’s roofing products as tough as we build them with limited warranties that are available with optional upgrades and in various term lengths up to lifetime limited warranties. You’re sure to find the quality roofing product and limited warranty that will provide you and yours with the peace of mind you deserve.

Roofers installing IKO Dynasty shingles, Stormtite underlayment and StormShield membrane

One More IKO Difference.

IKO is a family-owned business that has been operating for four generations. We started manufacturing our roofing shingles in Calgary, Alberta, Canada so we know a thing or two about temperature and climate extremes.

Since our beginnings in 1951, we’ve built state-of-the-art manufacturing plants across North America to serve both residential and commercial markets and we’ve become a leading exporter of asphalt shingles worldwide.

Our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation is your assurance of getting an exceptional product and knowing that you’ve made the right decision in choosing IKO for your new roof.

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roofing manufacturing process, shingle component cutting stage

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