What Is a ROOFPRO Contractor?

When you work with an IKO ROOFPRO Contractor, you can rest easy knowing your contractor is able to offer you an extended Iron Clad Protection Period limited warranty. And that your family will be protected by a shingle that can weather some tough storms. (And look great doing it!)

Regardless of whether you need an urgent repair or an entirely new roof, your IKO ROOFPRO Contractor can help you navigate every step of the process.

Your roof should endure the elements to protect not only your family and your home, but everything you hold dear. With a roof installed by an IKO ROOFPRO Select or Craftsman Premier contractor, you are eligible for IKO’s Iron Clad Extended Protection Limited Warranty, giving you even more peace of mind. Please note that the contractor must apply for the extended warranty and pay a $75.00 application processing fee. The fee is waived for Cambridge® and Cambridge® Cool ColorsTM in the U.S. (The extended warranty does not cover the contractor’s workmanship.)

Depending on your contractor’s tier level in the ROOFPRO Program, he/she can provide the following warranties:

IKO’s Relationship With ROOFPROs

IKO ROOFPRO is IKO’s contractor loyalty reward program, open to roofing contractors in the U.S. and Canada. See further information about the program below. Please note that all IKO ROOFPRO members are independent contractors and are not subcontractors, employees, agents or representatives of IKO.

We recognize that choosing a roofer is an important homeowner decision. A roofer’s membership in our ROOFPRO Program should not stand in place of the due diligence you should conduct before selecting a roofer, such as checking references, financial soundness, proper licensing and insurance, and the workmanship warranty that roofers typically offer. IKO does not warrant or guarantee the quality of workmanship, performance, conduct or reputation of any IKO ROOFPRO member.

The ROOFPRO Program
The program provides IKO ROOFPRO members with access to an array of valuable benefits, including rebates and rewards based on purchase volume; discounts or preferred rates with third-party providers for services that enhance members’ roofing business; and, at the Select and Craftsman Premier levels, the ability to offer Extended Iron Clad Protection limited warranties to homeowners through IKO’s extended Iron Clad Protection Period limited warranty application process. (The extended warranty does not cover the roofer’s workmanship.) Membership in the program at the Select and Craftsman Premier levels requires payment of annual membership fees to IKO and an application processing fee with each Extended Iron Clad Protection Period limited warranty application submitted to IKO, and a commitment to purchase IKO products.

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