InnoviFlash TPO Joint Cover
InnoviFlash™ TPO Joint Covers - T-joint Patches
InnoviFlash TPO Joint Cover
Welded Flashings and Accessories

InnoviFlash TPO Joint Covers are used to seal membrane intersections in the installation of IKO Innovi TPO thermoplastic polyolefin single-ply roofs. The uniformity of the 60-mil InnoviFlash TPO Joint Covers offers a superior TPO roof seam patch and ensures reliable welds. These TPO T-joint patches are 4.5 inches (114.3 mm) in diameter and are available in white, grey and tan, with a quantity of 100 per box. InnoviFlash TPO Joint Covers save a significant amount of labor, compared to field fabrication, and provide a better fit. They are essential to preventing leaks at intersections of three or more TPO membrane layers and enhance seals in the roof area. InnoviFlash TPO Joint Covers are important components in the successful installation of an IKO InnoviTPO commercial roofing system and can help qualify for an appropriate IKO Diamond Shield Limited Warranty.
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