InnoviFlash TPO Scupper
InnoviFlash™ TPO Scupper - Preformed TPO Scupper Drain
InnoviFlash TPO Scupper
Welded Flashings and Accessories

InnoviFlash TPO Scuppers are used for easy installation of IKO Innovi TPO thermoplastic polyolefin single-ply roofs. This prefabricated TPO scupper is an innovative, one-piece design made from 24-gauge TPO-coated metal throat and tabs, and a 60-mil (.060-inch)-reinforced membrane skirt with TPO corner patches prewelded at the angle changes, providing protection at the critical points and an aesthetic visual finish. InnoviFlash TPO through-wall suppers are available in 60-mil (.060-inch) white, grey and tan TPO. The scupper depth is 16 inches (406.4 mm) and is manufactured in 6-inch (152.4-mm), 9-inch (228.6-mm) and 12-inch (304.8-mm) sizes. InnoviFlash TPO Scuppers are important components in the successful installation of an IKO InnoviTPO commercial roofing system and can help qualify for an appropriate IKO Diamond Shield Limited Warranty.
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