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Choosing Ridge Cap Shingles


The Right Accessory Can Take A Look From Drab To Fab. That’s Also True For Your Roof!

Ridge cap shingles have a beauty that goes beyond mere appearances, though. Our engineers have specially designed and constructed them to provide multi-layer protection for the highest areas of your roof: the hips and ridges.

Not long ago, the way builders and roofers protected these areas was by taking the same shingles used on the roof, cutting them into pieces and laying them along the hips and ridges. Some still do.

While this is better than nothing, the choppy look and uneven profile leave a lot to be desired. When you’re investing in a new roof, doesn’t it make sense to spend just a little extra to make it look as great as it performs and protects?

IKO’s ridge cap shingles offer a high-quality alternative. Whether you’re roofing with our premium Crowne Slate architectural shingles or with our time-tested Cambridge shingles, there’s a perfect match at a price you can surely afford. Ridge cap shingles add distinction to any style of new or replacement roof by providing added dimension and profile, enhancing the beauty of your home’s rooflines and rakes.

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Ridge Cap
Ridge Cap

Hip & Ridge Products

A distinctive color blend creates a deep, shadowed, dimensional appearance that will dramatically highlight the roofline and give your home a more impressive appearance.

Hip & Ridge 12 Lightweight and perforated, these ridge cap shingles will give you three pieces from a single shingle.

Ultra HP

Ultra HP® The “HP” stands for “High Profile”, meaning these ridge cap shingles are designed to add dimension, depth and texture to your roofline.