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Four Easy Steps to Controlling your Destiny with Referrals


Check out these incredible, business-defining tips with John DeRosa, host of IKO TV. In this video, John outlines four simple steps for positioning your referral program and generating new business with a referral strategy.

These tips are great if you are selling roofing shingles, a complete roofing project or any work that could benefit from understanding how to get high-quality leads and roofing referrals.

Hi, I’m John DeRosa host of IKO TV and today I’d like to talk about sales people self-generating leads by asking for referrals.

It reminds me of an old story about two shoe salesmen who were sent to an island to sell shoes. The first salesman, upon arrival, was shocked to realize that no one wore shoes. Immediately he sent a telegram to his home office in Chicago, which read: “I’ll return home tomorrow. No one wears shoes.”

The second salesman was thrilled by the same realization. Immediately he wired the home office in Chicago saying, “Please send me 10,000 shoes. Everyone here needs them.”

Asking for referrals is about sales people taking control of your own destiny and creating your own sales opportunities. It’s the critical difference between sitting back and waiting for your company to hand you a lead and you taking ownership and being territorial about the neighborhoods you work in.

Asking for referrals is easy to do. Here are four questions you should ask yourself to help you make the most of this opportunity.

#1. Are you referral worthy?

This may seem like a stupid question, but being referral worthy speaks to shattering your clients’ expectations to the point where they enthusiastically want to tell everyone about their experience.

#2. What’s in it for them?

I’m not talking about the value of the cash incentive or gift certificate you give your client. I’m asking you to consider how the referral will enhance the relationship between your client and the people they refer to you?  Telling your client that each of the people they refer will receive something of value, gives your client the peace of mind of knowing they’re actually helping their friends instead of annoying them.

#3. How will you set the stage for a referral?

You should never ask for a referral at the same time your clients signs the contract, but you can use that time as an opportunity to set an expectation for top notch, world-class service and for your subsequent expectation to receive referrals.

#4. How do you plan to ask for referrals?

Your request needs to be about the client and how their referral will benefit them and the person they’re referring. Frame the question in a way that leverages your client’s satisfaction and what they tell you made the experience so powerful for them. Don’t say,  for example,  “Can you think of anyone who might be in need of a new roof?”  Instead say,  “Do you know anyone who might appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the same level of service and personal attention we provided you on your project?