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IKO Armourshake Shingles Provide “Over-the-Top” Results in California


By Mark Okland, Product Development Manager, IKO North America

Roofing is a family business for Chad Haygood – his uncle, grandfather and great-grandfather have all been roofing professionals. As a fourth-generation roofer, he takes pride in his family’s roofing roots and being part of a multi-decade legacy.

Chad and Vanessa Haygood of Chad's Roofing Inc.
Chad and Vanessa Haygood of Chad’s Roofing, Inc., in Gilroy, California.

Under the guidance of his uncle  – who owns Jimmy Shrull Roofing, Inc. – he gained a lot of insight into what it takes to be a quality roofer, provide excellent customer service and run a successful business.

In early 2016, Haygood decided to try his own hand at becoming a business owner. Together with his wife, Vanessa, they opened Chad’s Roofing, Inc., a residential and commercial roofing business based in Gilroy, California.

Little did Haygood know that within his first two months of business, he’d be taking on one of the most difficult projects of his career

Steep Challenges

The project was a massive, multi-dimensional home in Hollister, California, with a 9,500-square-foot roof. Although Haygood had completed hundreds of roofing projects in his many years in the industry, this one was different: It was about three times the average job size he encountered.

Multi-dimensional home featuring various pitches
The massive, multi-dimensional home featured various pitches and angles as steep as 12:12.

Aside from its sheer size, the home also challenged the Chad’s Roofing crew with various pitches, some of which were as steep as 12:12, or 45 degrees.

After being installed only about 10-12 years earlier, the previous synthetic slate roof was clearly failing, Haygood said. While the homeowner liked the look of the slate roof, she was not happy about the ongoing maintenance needed, he added.

She had two major requirements for the new roof: it must be durable and be easy to maintain. And, of course, she wanted a beautiful look, too.

‘Over-the-Top’ Results

The solution Chad’s Roofing proposed was IKO Armourshake premium designer shingles. The asphalt roofing shingles would provide several benefits for the homeowner, including beauty, superior weather resistance, affordability and, most importantly, low maintenance.

IKO UltraHP® High Profile Ridge Cap shingles
Coordinating IKO UltraHP® High Profile Ridge Cap shingles were used to accentuate the roof line for the perfect finishing touch.

Haygood recommended a dark, contrasting color – Shadow Black – to make the roof stand out from the home’s all-white exterior.

While Haygood was confident in IKO residential shingles from using them in the past, IKO Territory Sales Representative Brad Welch helped affirm his decision to use Armourshake shingles on this particular home:

“When I first saw the house, I knew IKO Armourshake shingles were going to help bring out all of the varying peaks and valleys throughout the roof,” Welch said. “Plus, unlike some other shingles you might see on the market, Armourshake shingles have unique, natural color variations that don’t require contractors to install two different shingle colors to achieve. Shadow Black, in particular, isn’t just a solid black – it has rich black tones mixed with subtle hints of charcoal and grey, which catch the sunlight and make the roof really ‘pop.’”

Armourshake shingles also provided benefits to Haygood and his team, such as easy installation with shingles that he said “lay up fast,” saving his crew time and money on the job.

Chad’s Roofing, Inc., crew in front of the 9,500-square-foot roofing project.
The Chad’s Roofing, Inc., crew in front of the completed 9,500-square-foot project.

In all, 435 bundles of IKO Armourshake shingles were used to complete the 10-day project. Further, matching IKO UltraHP® High Profile Ridge Cap Shingles were used to accentuate the roof line for the perfect finishing touch.

Interestingly enough, the roof also had two flat tar-and-gravel sections over the patio area. Chad’s Roofing collaborated with Environmental Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc., a commercial roofing company based in Campbell, California, to apply a Title 24-compliant white acrylic, cool roof coating on these sections.

“The homeowner is ‘over-the-top’ excited about her new roof,” Haygood shared. “She complimented the finished look and dimension of the shingles and the overall smooth installation process. She even hosted a party for friends and
family to show off her new roof!”

For more information about Chad’s Roofing, visit facebook.com/ChadsRoofingInc. To learn more about IKO roofing products and solutions, visit www.iko.com/.

Nothing herein shall be construed as an endorsement or guarantee by IKO as to the quality or suitability of the services outlined above.

IKO Armourshake premium designer shingles in Shadow Black color shown on roof of Hollister, California residence.
IKO Armourshake premium designer shingles create a contoured, dimensional wood shake look for the Hollister, California, residence.

White acrylic cool roof coating on flat roof with IKO Hip and Ridge Cap shingles on roof line
A white acrylic, cool roof coating was applied on the flat tar-and-gravel sections of the roof. Coordinating IKO Hip and Ridge Cap shingles were used to accentuate the roof line for the perfect finishing touch.