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Class 3 Impact Resistant Shingles – IKO Dynasty Shingles


Hey Guys, It’s Jenn Silver here with Roofing Utah, a proud IKO ROOFPRO. Here to talk to you a little about the new and improved IKO Dynasty shingles, that are now a Class 3 impact resistant shingles. Let’s talk a little bit about the new and key performance features of this particular shingle. We have our FastLock™ sealant, which is going to seal really quickly for you guys. And our AmourZone tear-resistant strip, so it’s going to make sure that those shingles stay in place for a lot longer. So that we can warranty the 130 MPH wind rating. Right here we have an inch-and-a-quarter nail zone, which we all appreciate just to make sure that our installers are putting on the shingle correctly and we can actually have that high wind rating. So right here we have a 5″” and 7/8 exposure which is 2/8 difference (or a quarter inch more). So, you are actually going to be able to see this shingle much better. This is going to give your homeowners the look that they love and those great high-definition colors. And it’s part of the True Square advantage that IKO offers. That actually means that three bundles is always going to give you a true square.

The brand new feature is that they are Class 3 impact resistant shingles, which means for a lot of homeowners you’ll actually qualify for discounts on your homeowner’s policy, which is awesome. With all of these great features that IKO Dynasty shingles already offered and now it being a Class 3 impact-rated shingle, performance never looked so good.

IKO ROOFPRO Jen Silver of Roofing Utah talks about the new and improved IKO Dynasty shingle that is now rated as Class 3 impact resistant, what that means and why it is a great shingle choice for your home!