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Meet Dynasty Class 3 Impact Resistant Shingles


Now that the IKO Dynasty line is Class 3 Impact Resistant, it definitely helps open the doors for several more businesses, bigger businesses such as country clubs, HOA properties, hotels, and churches, and just keep getting bigger and bigger. Class 3 is very important because potentially, homeowners are able to get different benefits such as discounts or lowers on their premium because now, they have a better resistant shingle, especially from hail areas which, now lowers the risk for them, so that usually gives savings on your side and you have a nice roof over your head.

Why does IKO Dynasty’s Class 3 Impact Resistant rating open the door to bigger business? IKO ROOFPRO Don from Roofs by Don explains how these shingles can be used for country clubs, churches, hotels and more! Plus, a class 3 roof shingle has benefits for homeowners, including a potential discount on insurance premiums.