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All Seasons Roofing – IKO Dynasty Shingles


Here in our part of New England, the weather can really fluctuate and be hard on roofing. We have extreme snowfalls in the ski territories and in the Northern Vermont and Maine territories where they have to withstand that snow load, the ice damming. Then they have to completely change extremes and go to hot summers where we see temperatures upwards of 100 degrees. You have to sell a product that’s going to withstand that type of abuse. IKO Dynasty has been a big blessing for us. You need a product that’s tried and true in the industry and you have that beautiful color palette that you just can’t get in anything other than asphalt roofing. The Dynasty shingle works great for our family business, and it’s proven its life up here.

The weather might not always be in the roof’s favor, which is why a roof needs to be able to handle all types of extreme weather. From large snow loads to high temperatures, IKO Dynasty shingles are tried and true! Plus, they come in a beautiful color palette!