Welded Flashings and Accessories
iko tpo membrane over insulation
tpo welder used to heat weld a membrane seam
roofer fastening insulation board to roof substrate
tpo membrane being rolled on top of mechanically fastened polyiso insulation

InnoviFlash TPO single-ply membrane accessories include drain and scupper flashings, and 1-way and 2-way breather vents. InnoviFlash TPO Outside Corners are designed for working the membrane around critical corners efficiently. InnoviFlash TPO Unsupported Flashings are used for other flashing needs, such as pipes, curbs, sealant pockets and vents. IKO also offers the InnoviFlash Cover Tape. All are integral components in systems qualifying for the IKO Diamond Shield Limited Warranty.

Welded Flashings and Accessories
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