InnoviFast Zinc Nail-In
InnoviFast™ Zinc Nail-In - Termination Bar Anchors
InnoviFast Zinc Nail-In
Fasteners and Plates

InnoviFast Zinc Nail-Ins are used for fastening wall termination bars in concrete, block, brick and stone substrates, in the installation of IKO Innovi TPO thermoplastic polyolefin single-ply roof systems. They are made from zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper alloys that resist corrosion. The mushroom-head style creates a larger bearing surface to mechanically attach, making it an excellent termination bar anchor. The load capacity of the InnoviFast Zinc Nail-In is related to the depth of fastener embedment in the substrate. InnoviFast Zinc Nail-Ins are important components in the successful installation of an IKO InnoviTPO commercial roofing system and can help qualify for an appropriate IKO Diamond Shield Limited Warranty.
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