IKO Crowne SlateTM Designer Laminated Shingles. Slated for Greatness in Look, Performance and Speed of Installation.

When a prospect wants the look of a natural slate roof, you can’t do much better than to recommend IKO Crowne Slate designer laminate shingles. Real stone could mean having to reinforce the roof deck to support the added weight and finding a contractor with the necessary expertise to install slate could be time-consuming as well as expensive.

High-definition color choices

Thanks to IKO’s exclusive, advanced color blending technology, you can offer two high-definition color choices that mimic the character and charm of natural stone so well, only you and the homeowner will know that these are asphalt roofing shingles. Plus this process virtually eliminates the headache of mismatched color lots.

Algae Resistant Granules

We crush and color our own granules and also embed special ones that help inhibit the growth of blue-green algae that can cause unsightly black streaks and discoloration.

10" exposure

IKO Crowne Slate shingles are designed with square cuts to resemble actual slate tiles and feature the colors of natural stone. The difference is that the individual tiles of Regal Stone are of uniform but contrasting color, creating an overall randomized or patchwork effect often associated with genuine slate. Each tile of the Royal Granite blend has gradations of more subtle colors within the range of real slate for a more muted, yet still completely natural-looking appearance.

These large square cuts are shown off to best advantage because of the incredibly generous 10″ exposure of IKO Crowne Slate roofing shingles. They’re the largest we make in their class.


You’ll get 40 shingles to a square. Compare that to some other brands of similar product that can package 50 shingles or more to a square and you’ll see how you can get a minimum of 10% more coverage for potentially less labor, less waste and faster installation with IKO Crowne Slate. The sooner your crews can complete a project, the sooner they can take on the next and the better for your bottom line.

Why You Can Recommend IKO Crowne Slate Shingles with Pride and Confidence

IKO Crowne Slate designer shingles are solidly constructed of two fiberglass mats laminated together. The lower “shim” is coated with asphalt we oxidize ourselves. The upper “lid” or “cap” is saturated with our special modified asphalt for superior weather-resistance and a Class A Fire Resistance rating.

This double construction imparts a dimensional thickness that further enhances the appearance of natural slate tiles and gives the shingles extra weight, to lie flat and stay flat, helping to minimize the risk of blow-offs.

Regal Stone
Shingle Color:
Regal Stone
Perfect Pairing:
Royal Granite
Shingle Color:
Royal Granite
Perfect Pairing:

Deciding on the right shingle color is important but hard for homeowners.

More than warranty. Even more than cost. IKO’s market research shows that finding the right shingle color that best suits their home’s architectural style and their personal taste is a major factor in most homeowners’ purchase decision and also one of their greatest challenges.

Please make sure the homeowner’s final color selection is based on seeing several full size shingles and viewing a sample of the product installed on a home.

Make sure your prospect understands that shingles are just one part of a complete roofing system. Explain how IKO PRO4 Roofing Components work with our quality shingles to help protect their family and property.

The following accessory products are specifically designed to work best with IKO Crowne Slate shingles, while offering you a profitable upsell opportunity.

Specifications & Standards

ASTM D3462
ASTM D3018
ASTM D3161 Class F
ASTM E108 Class A
ASTM D7158 Class H
CSA A123.5
1003 mm x 336 mm (39 1/2" x 13 1/4")
254 mm (10")
Coverage Per Package
2.32 m² (25 sq. ft.)
Qty Per Pallet
60 bundles
Shingles Per Square
Quantity Per Unit/Package
10 shingles
Warranty Term
Limited Lifetime¹
Limited Wind Warranty Upgrade
210 km/h / 130 mph¹
Fire Resistance Rating
Class A
Iron Clad Protection Period
15 years¹

¹ See Limited Warranty at IKO.com for complete terms, conditions, restrictions, and application requirements. Shingles must be applied in accordance with application instructions and local building code requirements.
² High Wind Application is required.

Note: All values shown are approximate. Product developed with reference to these Standards.
IKO strives to accurately reproduce the screen images of the shingle swatches and house photos shown. However due to manufacturing variances, the limitations of your monitor resolution, and the variation in natural exterior lighting, actual colors may vary from the images you see. To ensure complete satisfaction, please make your final color selection from several full size shingles and view a sample of the product installed on a home.

Make it easy for them with IKO’s FREE interactive ROOFVIEWERTM app.

Our free interactive RoofViewer app is a super cool tool.

Homeowners love uploading a photo of their own home to “try on” the different color blends that will work best with other exterior elements such as siding, trim and brickwork. It’s quick, easy and fun to use.

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