tree damage to shingle roof and structure
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Contact Your Insurance Agent


Before you call your insurance agent, here’s a checklist you can use to prepare for your claim.


  • Always seek advice from a qualified insurance professional. Never try to settle an insurance claim on your own.
  • Beware of “storm-chasers”. People who may represent themselves as either roofing or insurance experts often appear at the door of homeowners who have experienced storm damage. They may claim they’ll be able to get you a new roof or have you sign what’s called a “contingency agreement” so they can climb up to assess the damage. Such a document may legally bind your claim to their company.
  • Never sign anything before you read it fully, have your questions adequately answered and know exactly who they are or whom they represent.
  • Before you hire a roofing contractor, ask to see all licenses and certificates of insurance that your municipal, state or provincial laws require and ensure that all are up to date.
  • Once your insurance adjuster and selected roofing contractor have worked out the essential details, the insurance settlement may be sufficient to pay for a new roof that’s similar or better than the one you had before.
  • Consider not only the style and color of a possible new roof, but the available warranties, accessory products and application methods that might protect your home and family best should similar extreme weather events occur in future. Ask your contractor for options and to see samples of actual shingles before you commit to buying.

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