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Effective Roof Estimating with EagleView® Aerial Imagery


The tape measure had a good run, but now there’s something better.

Through a partnership between IKO and EagleView, IKO ROOFPRO[reg] contractors are eligible for special pricing for a service that makes roof estimating faster and easier. By using this service, contractors will have more time to focus on their businesses and generate more sales.

EagleView uses its high-resolution aerial imagery and patented software technologies to create 3D models of homes, resulting in roof dimensions and dynamics that are much more detailed than what can be derived from satellite images freely available on the internet. In some cases, EagleView measurements can be just as accurate as manual measurements.

By using EagleView reports, contractors can realize a number of benefits.

Time Savings

EagleView reports are easy to use and can minimize the need to get on the roof to take measurements. This allows contractors to estimate jobs much faster, giving them more time in the day to see more customers and close more sales.

Better Customer Interactions

With accurate site models, contractors can discuss the work in visual detail and make the customer part of the process. They can discuss the roof layout, protecting landscaping, dumpster location, material deliveries and more. This helps establish customer confidence in how the job will be done.

Contractors can also deliver EagleView reports to customers by email and discuss them over the phone, making the process more convenient. And, by adding with their own company branding on these EagleView reports, contractors can set themselves apart from the competition.

Streamlined Processes

EagleView generates its reports using a state-of-the-art image capture system and 3D modeling software. They continuously update their images and data, re-photographing areas on an ongoing basis to capture property changes.

For contractors, this can make it easier to order materials, calculate labor costs, and offer competitive bids. As a result, contractors can see several potential benefits, including increased sales and greater profitability.

IKO ROOFPRO contractors are automatically eligible for EagleView’s Silver level pricing. All they need to do is visit EagleView, create an account, and call to confirm their IKO ROOFPRO status and activate their account.

If you’re already an IKO ROOFPRO contractor, you can begin taking advantage of this program immediately. Become an IKO ROOFPRO contractor.