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Digital Transformation In Roofing


The world is moving digital, and it is changing how each industry operates. As the construction industry enters this new digital era, it’s safe to say that most small business owners have started the digital transformation.


Digital transformation

According to Small Business Trends, digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of business, fundamentally changing how a company operates and delivers value to customers. Its mission being to drive efficiencies across an organization through better-organized operations.

According to Nick Scabis, business development manager at HOVER, while the term “digital transformation” is relatively new, it’s a concept that’s been happening for a long time, beginning with the internet, its impact on today’s consumers and their ability to educate themselves about their purchases.


Impact on the construction industry

The construction industry is notorious for late adoption of technology. But, according to Scabis, the pandemic era has brought about a plethora of new ways for roofing businesses to “streamline and scale their processes with more accuracy and efficiency.”

Digitally native roofing companies, like ROOFPRO Craftsman Premier member Options Exteriors, offer a unique perspective to businesses that are looking to embrace digital transformation. According to CEO Aaron Bible, “Our company is relatively young, and because of that we have always been digital. We didn’t have to ‘transform’ in the way many companies did. All of our systems and processes have always been digital to keep us organized.”

And for good reason. For Construction Pros recently published a report concluding that digital transformation in construction businesses could increase productivity by 15% and reduce costs up to 6%, which is immensely important given the shortage of labor and the need to do more with less.


Why it matters to contractors and roofers

But it’s not just about improving operations today. Both Bible and Scabis will tell you that it is impossible to grow a roofing business without prioritizing efficiency. According to Scabis, “Finding the right technology solution for your company is paramount to scaling your business and keeping both customers and employees happy.”

Bible adds that in order to achieve growth goals, you need to think like a business person, not like a tradesman. “We have backgrounds in project management and accounting. We are business people first, construction people second, which is why we understand the connection between efficient systems and both cost and time savings.”

Scabis likens it to being able to add more hours to the day. “Imagine what that would do for your business. The right solutions for your business should allow you to save time on the busy work and give you more time for the things that grow your business. HOVER enables professionals to spend less time measuring, less time ordering and more time selling.”


Digital tools for roofing businesses

From scheduling, estimating, material ordering, project management, contracts and even human resources, there are digital tools available for just about every function of a roofing business. For example:

  • CRMs and lead management.
  • Marketing.
  • Communication and collaboration.
  • Resource management.
  • Project management.
  • Safety training.
  • Time tracking and payroll.
  • Organization of forms and files.

Having access to these types of information not only allows businesses to work more effectively, but to   analyze results and make data-driven decisions for the future.

Of particular interest to Bible are end-to-end solutions that support him from the first contact with a customer through the entire life cycle of a project. And while Options Exteriors uses AccuLynx for this capability, there are many others that do the job.

Of course, at IKO, our tool of choice is ROOFPRO WORX, our sales workflow tool, which is available exclusively to Select and Craftsman Premier members. As well as partners like HOVER that can automate the aerial measurement and materials ordering processes for our members at a discounted rate.


Taking the leap

So, why has the roofing industry fallen behind the digital transformation, and what can roofers do to catch up? According to Bible, it’s an unfortunate reality that many roofers “run their companies like a checkbook and not a business.” Too often, contractors focus on the next transaction and not the long game, and, because of that, can miss opportunities to invest in improvements that feel costly up front, but pay off exponentially in the long run.

For roofers ready to take the digital leap, Scabis recommends taking a goal-first approach. “The first step is to ask yourself, ‘What problem am I looking to solve?’ and then committing to make an investment in the solution.”

For ROOFPRO members, these investments are easily offset by the discounts program partners, like HOVER, offer as well as the ability to utilize marketing funds to cover the cost. For example, HOVER provides ROOFPROs with up to $5,000 in job credits when purchasing a new membership* or $3,000 just for speaking to a rep.**

Another benefit of ROOFPRO membership is discounted services from Roofer Marketers, a marketing agency built specifically for roofing companies. Members can get up to 20% off services, like digital advertising, website support or social media.

Perks like these can go a long way towards enhancing members’ budgets for things they wouldn’t normally consider. To see a full list of ROOFPRO program partners and how they can support your digital transformation, visit the Partners Page on the ROOFPRO portal.


* Offer available to new customers who have never used HOVER or who have done less than 10 jobs in 365 trailing days.
** Contractor must meet with a HOVER sales representative to redeem credits.