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IKO Dynasty Shingles Reviews – Calendar Construction’s Owners


A house is just a living structure; a home is where your family is. It’s where all of your belongings are. It’s what makes you happy it’s where you relax in the evenings. It’s your style. It’s you. When you get home at night, knowing that you have IKO Dynasty on your roof, you know that you’re going to rest easy. You’re going to have that peace of mind. What inspires me to make a home beautiful is just being different. You want to stand out. So, curb appeal is something we look for on the outside of the house, but when you open that door, we also want to make it your home. When a client calls and asks about what roofing products we recommend, we always recommend IKO Dynasty because it’s a triple threat. Number one is curb appeal. Number two is quality, and number three is that the ArmourZone is amazing. It protects your home against wind damage. And with the Dynasty line, you have multiple different colors in that shingle which is why it’s high definition. It pulls out all the contrast in the house which sets apart that shingle and that house to their neighbors. People drive by when they see an IKO Dynasty roof and they’re like “wow, who was that contractor…we need to call them!” I had a roof put on and five years later is when I had the hail damage, and that’s when I needed a new roof last year. I contacted Matt and he came out and looked at the roof and that’s when he showed me IKO’s shingles. When you go with IKO shingles, you know that you’re going to get the “WOW!” factor with your home. I was very happy with the wide selection of colors, it does have the texture and the definition that I wanted. I always recommend IKO products because it truly has beauty you can see, performance you can trust and quality you can feel.

Why do Matt and Erin, owners of Calendar Construction, recommend using IKO Dynasty shingles? Between the high-definition colors and the ArmourZone, there are many reasons why IKO Dynasty shingles standout to homeowners!