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How to Get Better Leads in Minutes With ROOFPRO WORX


The pandemic has changed the way we do business. Ask Jeff Williams, IKO director of marketing and branding, and he’ll tell you that one of the biggest changes is the way we buy and sell products.

“People now expect to find everything they need online — even home services. As such, roofing professionals have needed to be resilient and flexible to keep in touch with their buyers and have a competitive advantage in their market,” says Williams.

That’s what ROOFPRO WORX is all about — connecting pros like you to potential online buyers. Homeowners get the info they need at their fingertips, which leads to faster decisions, better-quality leads and ultimately more closed jobs.

What is it?

ROOFPRO WORX is an online shopping experience available to Select and Craftsman Premier members, including:*

  • A contactless, self-service experience for homeowners to schedule appointments and get project estimates.
  • A personalized company profile on, where homeowners can learn about local contractors and request a quote online.
  • Integration with Google aerial mapping for more precise area and pitch measurements, which translate into system-generated estimates.
  • A homeowner portal for document exchange, electronic signatures and communication.
  • The ability to build a custom product catalog for quoting jobs.
  • Access to a ROOFPRO CRM tool, which provides contractors with access to the leads captured by WORX.

*Some features listed are coming soon.

Why do I need it?

According to Jack Gottesman, contractor channel programs director, “With ROOFPRO WORX, contractors will be able to automate most of the sales process, from purchase orders to the ordering of materials, scheduling of resources and tracking; saving time and allowing them to achieve higher performance and sales.”

Putting critical information like price at your customers’ fingertips not only saves your sales team’s time, but also means when they sit down with a homeowner, they’re already interested in you. Allowing you to focus your time on the leads that are most likely to buy.

Plus, when you use WORX, you give your customers a great first impression from the get-go. From the ease of the online experience and 24/7 online access to the information they need, they are not only more likely to buy, but also more likely to refer you to their friends.

How do I get it?

ROOFPRO Select and Craftsman Premier members have the ability to customize the standard ROOFPRO WORX tool in minutes. Learn more about ROOFPRO WORX on the portal or click here to get started.