One simple tool to make customers come knocking
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One simple tool to make customers come knocking


Imagine a world in which homeowners not only knew your name, but also came in search of you and your services. Where they already knew what made you different from your competition before ever speaking to your sales guy.

This doesn’t have to be a fantasy. It’s the reality for roofers who use job site protection systems that not only protect the home, but also act as a marketing tool and proof of their workmanship.

Job site advertising should be a building block of your marketing.

A personal referral is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. But to make a referral work, your potential customer needs to know three things: 1) your name, 2) that someone they trust, trusted you and 3) that you did a good job.

Only job site advertising can help address all three of these things and ensure a homeowner remembers your name when they need it. A job site should act as a billboard for your company — reaching a mass of people who will mostly likely need your services at some point in the future.

So, how can you amp up your job site marketing efforts beyond a yard sign? Try The Catch-All’s job site protection system, and not only will you reap the obvious benefits of keeping your customers’ properties clean, but you’ll also drive interest to your company.

When you drape an entire house in your company’s logo, it’s not easily ignored. Drivers slow down, and neighbors ask questions. Instantly, they not only know your name, but they also see firsthand your level of professionalism.

How can job site protection drive leads?

Heath Hicks, CEO and co-inventor of The Catch-All, says that they have recently added QR code options to their systems, meaning neighbors can scan to get information about the roofer and be captured as leads. “Some of our customers are already seeing 10 to 30 leads per month come from their QR codes. Leads that are highly interested and ready to buy.”

One roofer said that within a day of using The Catch-All, they are accustomed to neighbors coming over to ask about it. “It sparks a conversation,” he said, which, when paired with a personal referral from their neighbor, results in an easy sale.

Plus, it can be a selling tool that helps close the deal.

According to Hicks, “Aside from price and quality, a homeowner’s next biggest concern is potential property damage. They are willing to pay more for a company that they trust. By easing a customer’s fears about nails in their landscaping, tires and grass, you build this trust. Plus, the use of our system can be added into a roofer’s proposal and then offered as a value-add to customers who need a little extra incentive.”

With the proper use of The Catch-All system, nails never hit the ground. Homeowners can be assured that they will not have the same experience as with roofers who use tarps or high-powered magnets, which are still retroactive tools versus a preventative system.

Happy customers lead to more happy customers.

Sales — and, in particular, home service sales — are relationship-based. Homeowners choose service providers they trust and feel confident in. And unfortunately, there is a lot of mistrust when it comes to construction and roofing.

So, when you delight a customer by going above and beyond (for example, by going the extra mile to protect their property), it says a lot about who you are. And when customers feel like you care about them, they tell their friends.

Hicks also mentioned that if and when a mistake does happen on the job, customers who know you put measures in place to prevent them are more understanding. “Mistakes are then seen as mistakes and not poor workmanship or sloppiness. Because you’ve built trust with them, you can draw on that to offset any negatives that do occur.”

To see how The Catch-All can help you protect your job sites, generate leads and encourage personal referrals — all at a discount to ROOFPRO members — click here.