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Google’s Local Service Ads: What They Are and Why You Need Them


The only constant with digital marketing is that it continually changes. Online ad platforms, like Google and Facebook, constantly evolve their offerings to keep up with their customers’ demands.

Not every new feature or ad type is going to help every business owner — but when Google launched their Local Services Ads (LSAs), we knew this was an opportunity for our ROOFPROs. Here’s a rundown of what they are and why you should add them to your digital marketing mix.

What are LSAs?

Local Services Ads, affectionately abbreviated as LSAs, are a new ad type from Google. When shown, they appear as the first suggestion from Google, on the search results page, above traditional search ads. This is a premium, coveted ad placement.

These ads are designed to show up for homeowners who are searching for service providers in their neighborhood. This unique advertising opportunity is only being offered for specific trade industries, like plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), and now roofing. Here’s an example of what they look like on a desktop:

Why should you consider this marketing tactic? Local Services Ads can help you get found by the right customer searching for services in your area. Potential customers can:

  • Find, evaluate and hire a roofer — all in one place.
  • Check each roofer’s information, including reviews, qualifications and services, in a consistent and clear format.
  • Connect with any roofer over the phone.
  • Send a message and get replies with quotes from “Google Guaranteed” contractors.

Potential customers can click or tap on your ad to either call you or send you a message request (U.S. only). When they do, you’ll get an email and notification. From this point on, the lead is yours to turn into a customer. And you’ll only be charged for the ad if you are contacted this way.

What Does “Google Guaranteed” Mean?

“Google Guaranteed” is a small badge displayed within a LSA that is meant to designate elite service providers. To consumers, it offers an extra layer of trust and says that you own a reputable business and that Google stands behind the services you offer. If a customer is unsatisfied with the work quality of a service provided, Google may cover claims up to the cost of the initial service, with a lifetime cap of $2,000.

How This Benefits You

With Local Services Ads, you can advertise your business on Google and receive phone calls and messages directly from potential customers. As these leads come in, you can reply to, track and manage your budget anytime.

Here are just some of the benefits that Google’s LSAs can provide roofers:

  • You can be seen at the top of Google! These ads hold the absolute TOP position on the search results page.
  • Google sets a fixed cost-per-lead depending on the provider’s region and service categories (from $5-$139 per lead).
  • You will only pay for leads related to your business and the services you offer.

How Do I Get Started?

While roofers in select areas of the United States are enrolling now, there are still many places that are not yet eligible. (Sorry, Canada. While the roofing category is certainly on the horizon, it hasn’t launched yet.)

Because the “Google Guaranteed” checkmark is there to make users feel confident when booking a provider through Local Services, Google requires all businesses advertising on the Local Services platform to undergo the following screening procedures:

  1. Background check: This includes a business and owner check.
  2. Insurance and professional license(s): This includes general liability insurance, as well as the business and owner licenses at the state level.

To see if you’re eligible for Google’s LSAs click here.

Want More Leads and Booked Jobs?

With a ROOFPRO Select or Craftsman Premier membership, IKO gives you exclusive access to digital services through Central Station, their digital agency of record. We’re proud of our proven track record and love helping contractors measurably improve their local awareness and lead volume. And don’t forget, like many other marketing expenses, search marketing costs can be reimbursed by rebate or co-op rewards.

If you are an eligible Craftsman Premier ROOFPRO and are currently enrolled in Google pay-per-click (PPC) services with Central Station, we have good news! LSAs are a simple add-on to your current PPC plan.

If you are an eligible Craftsman Premier ROOFPRO, but not currently enrolled in PPC services, contact Jane Taylor at or call 416-293-1049, ext. 332.