Product Bulletins

64 – Proper Nailing For Laminated Shingles

67 – Proper Nailing – Three Tab Shingles

Miami Dade Florida Building Code Texas Dept of Insurance

Specification Test Standard for FM4473 Impact Resistance

TBR01 Manual Sealing of Shingles

TBR02 Excess Roofing Granules on Shingles

TBR05 Shingle Release Film

TBR11 Ice and Water Protectors – More Than Just Eave Protection

TBR16 Raised Nails

TBR20 Eave Protectors and Starter Courses

TBR23 IKO’s Ice and Water Protectors and Re-Roofing

TBR24 IKO #15 Felt Lines

TBR31 Shingle Color Variation

TBR32 Underlayment Installation

TBR34 IKO Asphalt Shingle Conformances

TBR36 Leading Edge Plus Application

TBR47 Three-tab Shingle Tolerances

TBR48 Fire Damage to Asphalt Shingle Roofs

TBR50 Florida State Approvals

TBR51 IKO Asphalt Shingles and ULC S107 Compliance

TBR52 Installing Shingles in Cold Weather

TBR53 Huber® Engineered Woods LLC Zip System™ Roof Sheathing

TBR54 Installation Instructions for RoofGard-Cool Grey & Stormtite®

TBR55 How to Install Asphalt Shingles on Low Slope Roofs

TBR56 Water Vapour Transmission and Permeance

TBR57 Shingle Installation – Starter Course

TBR59 Buckling Bulletin

TBR61 Cold Weather Shingle Distortions

TBR63 Building Code Requirements and Wind Resistance

TBR65 Self-adhering Membrane Buckles


TBR68 ASTM D7158 Class H

TBR69 Roof-Fast End Laps

TBR70 Staple Application of IKO Asphalt Shingles

TBR71 Cementitious Board Decks

TBR72 Concrete Decks

TBR73 Fine Granule Strip

TBR74 Shingle Storage

TBR75 Shingle Mixing on Large Roofs

TBR80 Shingle Staining

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