Keep Safe. Keep Busy. Keep Moving.

Since our beginnings in 1951, we’ve expanded our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants across North America, Europe and New Zealand to serve both residential and commercial markets. Committed to a high level of vertical integration, we remain well situated to control many of our raw materials’ supply within our own operating group and are perhaps better prepared than others who may rely on outside vendors for supply of critical materials.

Much like our global communities, we have taken many exceptional measures to keep our people and our products safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. While those measures may have altered how, when or where we work, what hasn’t changed is our commitment to making top-quality products that meet the needs of both contractors and homeowners, and to providing best-in-class service to those who trust us to support their homes and businesses. Even as this situation continues to evolve, and we adjust to meet those demands, we are ready to support you.

As an employer, we have relocated nonessential personnel to work from home as part of an overall business continuity plan. We have also restricted business travel throughout our global operations to help safeguard the health of our employees and customers, and are reinforcing the messages and directives of various levels of government to ensure that we provide best practices and comply with the quickly shifting environment of directives that are being issued on an almost daily basis across our global business sites. In addition, we have eliminated any visits to our sites, except for personnel required to continue operations (truck drivers, line operators, technicians, etc.). We are screening those visitors carefully and implementing health guidelines regarding contact to ensure that the visit does not create a potential health risk to all involved.

From a sales perspective, out of an abundance of caution for both your staff and ours, all sales connections will occur virtually rather than the face-to-face contact that is our typical practice. Plant tours have been temporarily halted, and we apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

If our situation should be altered by something during this quickly evolving situation, we will continue to keep you posted. In the meantime, thank you for your continued support of IKO, and we look forward to serving you throughout these challenging times and beyond.

Reset Your Priorities.

In this Back to Business Guide, you’ll find the resources and recommendations you need to continue business throughout this difficult time. “Zero contact” processes require flexibility and creativity; allow us to help you craft a safe, frictionless sales experience that works for you.

Before we dig in, it’s important to set these overarching business goals as a priority:

  1. Keep yourself safe. Your business cannot thrive if your health is compromised. Make your well-being and that of your employees your top priority by staying informed on the latest developments from official sources, like the World Health Organization or your region’s health department. Other sources of information include:
  2. Be accommodating. Your networks may be experiencing significant personal and financial challenges. For this reason, it’s more important than ever to practice empathy and patience. Much like your business’s survival, your customers are facing similar unforeseen challenges in their day-to-day lives.
  3. Give timely customer service support. Are previous customers reaching out for advice? Are potential customers looking for a quote? Today’s consumers expect a near-immediate response, and these times are a key factor affecting closing ratios. In fact, responses under five minutes can quadruple the number of leads that progress to real business prospects. If you don’t answer within 24 hours or less, they’ll likely move forward with someone who did — so catch ‘em while you can!
  4. Overcommunicate. Not only is transparent communication around estimates and timelines essential, it’s also important to set clear expectations on what your customers can anticipate when work is completed. How will you assess and estimate the job? How many workers will be on the job site? What is the protocol for food and lavatory breaks? Don’t forget to maintain contact with your distributors to ensure that the materials you need are available when you need them.

Back to Business Guide: Paving a New Virtual Path to Purchase.

Whether your newest project was the result of a need or a want, most of the customer engagement process can be managed from the comfort of your home — from initial consultation to final installation. We take you through each stage, connecting you with industry-leading tools to make your process seamless and efficient.

A word of caution: Online tools are only as powerful as the people and processes that support them. Before incorporating new technology, take time to educate yourself and your team. These are foundation resources designed to weather any economy; the effort you invest today may save you time and money for years to come.

Step One: Fill Your Pipeline.

New leads may find you through pay-per-click campaigns, local citations or other online means. To help you expand in your local market, we’ve compiled a number of valuable tools and tactics to help you secure more projects today.

We’re sorry, our lead generation section is locked to non-members. The IKO ROOFPRO loyalty program is designed with growth in mind, especially when some of your business has been moved online. Interested in taking your business to the next level? Sign up to become an IKO ROOFPRO and gain immediate access to our comprehensive Back to Business Guide.

Along with this timely resource, you will also:

  • Gain access to your own ROOFPRO CRM, powered by Salesforce.
  • Use our Lead Form Generator to efficiently funnel new prospects into your CRM.
  • Be added to our contractor listings on
  • Build your business with our Homeowner Lead Program Package.

Step Two: Make Connections.

While your expertise is on the job site, the rest of your business was built face-to-face at the kitchen table. When in-person consultations are not an option, there are a number of creative solutions available that leverage technology. It’s important to note that tech fluency can vary from customer to customer. By meeting your customers where they are, you can remove obstacles and move projects forward.

Try these:

  • Lean on communication methods that your customer already uses, like phone calls, text messages and email.
  • Keep your staff safe, without sacrificing style, by sharing PDFs — not paper. Visit our document library to get started.
  • Set on sharing the real thing? Consider standard delivery of samples and brochures.

Unlock ROOFPRO Benefits

  • ROOFPRO CRM, Powered by Salesforce: Keep an eye on everything that’s happening in your sales funnel: manage leads, homeowner contacts and opportunities, and run reports.
  • Online Ordering: Order literature, samples and promotional material.

Step Three: Build Your Proposal.

Are you still climbing on roofs as part of your sales process? Lean into virtual tools to deliver imagery and measurements remotely, so you and your team can stay off the job site as often as possible.

Try these:

  • Permitted to pilot a drone in your region? Visit the home site and conduct your own inspection of the roof. This makes an impactful segment during your sales presentation.
  • Proposify: Create, send and track proposals/contracts.
  • Roofgraf: Get aerial 3D measurements and create quotes.
  • Company Cam: Get an organized newsfeed for every project and detail.

Unlock ROOFPRO Benefits

  • Partner Discount: EagleView
    EagleView provides hi-res aerial imagery, property analytics and structural measurements to government agencies, insurance carriers and energy utilities. Our ROOFPROs get special pricing on select reports.
  • Partner Discount: HOVER
    HOVER converts smartphone photos of any home into a fully measured, customizable 3D model. Estimate projects with ease while receiving special ROOFPRO credits.
  • IKO Limited Warranty extensions: Register online with the ROOFPRO portal.

Step Four: Present to Homeowners.

While most of the process can be done through traditional correspondence, your final consultation will be more effective through virtual conferencing. These tools make it possible to “read the room” using face-to-face video technology, with the option to screen-share your digital proposal directly from any device.

Try these:

  • GoToMeeting: Host consultations for free. This service doesn’t require your customers to create an account when they join your call.
  • Skype: Call landlines and mobiles from anywhere in the world. Skype is the most prevalent face-to-face software in the market.
  • Google Meet: Schedule meetings for the whole crew. This service is great for teams.
  • WhatsApp: Easily connect with your customers. WhatsApp is ideal for keeping documents and conversations centralized.

Step Five: Get a Green Light.

You’ve got your proposal and have completed the customer presentation, and your estimate is ready for approval. While you’re so close to closing the deal, this is often the most volatile stage of the process. When limited warranties and financing discussions arise, arm yourself with the tools and knowledge you need to get that signature.

Try these e-signature solutions:

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro: Create, edit, sign and review documents in real time.
  • DocuSign: Gather customer approvals and onboard workers using digital processes.
  • HelloSign: Send, sign and collect signatures instantly.

Try offering financing options from these lenders:

Unlock ROOFPRO Benefits

  • ROOFPRO CRM, powered by Salesforce: Generate and store new estimates.
  • (U.S. Only) Partner Discount: GreenSky Loan Program.
    GreenSky is among the fastest-growing lending solutions in the United States. This finance program provides homeowners with installment loans for their home improvement purchases.
  • IKO Limited Warranty extensions: Register online with the ROOFPRO portal.

Step Six: Secure Payment.

With many payments planned in phases as the project completes, it’s important to have a reliable method for getting paid and the right tools to track your billing schedule. As we shift to contactless solutions, expand your payment options to include digital methods.

Try these:

  • Square: Use this software to collect online payment and manage payroll services virtually.
  • QuickBooks: Track profitability with this easy accounting software.
  • (Canada Only) Interac e-Transfer: Accept payments from Canadian customers using this online payment solution.
  • (U.S. Only) Venmo: Accept payments from American customers using this online payment solution.
  • PayPal: Take payments online and provide financing options to customers.

Unlock ROOFPRO Benefits

  • ROOFPRO CRM, powered by Salesforce: Track and store estimates.
  • (U.S. Only) Partner Discount: GreenSky Loan Program.
    GreenSky is among the fastest-growing lending solutions in the United States. This finance program provides homeowners with installment loans for their home improvement purchases.

Step Seven: Be Ready for Installation Day.

Ah, the job site. While it may feel the same, compromised material deliveries and the introduction of personal protective equipment may cause some hiccups to timelines and traditional processes. Be sure to plan ahead for each job, paying close attention to your region’s health department’s advice. Guidelines and restrictions are changing daily; the health of your staff and clients should always take priority.

Stay Informed with these:

Step Eight: Request Feedback & Referrals.

The final inspection is complete, and your invoices have been paid. With more than 90% of users reading online reviews before making the first contact with a business, it pays to reach back out to your happy customers. Their testimonials can build trust for new leads, while also influencing their own networks indirectly.

Try collecting reviews here:

Unlock ROOFPRO Benefits

  • Partner Discount: GuildQuality
    GuildQuality takes the hassle out of managing your online reviews and reputation. They gather service feedback from homeowners for many of our IKO ROOFPRO contractors.
  • (Canada Only) Partner Discount: HomeStars
    HomeStars is an online destination for homeowners seeking a reputable contractor. IKO ROOFPROs are eligible for discounts on their Brand Builder subscription.
  • (U.S. Only) Partner Discount: HomeAdvisor Profinder Leads discount
    HomeAdvisor is an online destination for homeowners seeking a reputable contractor. IKO ROOFPROs are eligible for discounts on Profinder leads and quarterly rebates on lead spend.

Step Nine: Level Up Your Team.

Downtime between jobs doesn’t have to be unproductive. In fact, it’s the lulls of our seasonal livelihood that give our teams the opportunities to grow.

Try these:

  • Join Certified Contractors Network
    CCN offers their members the resources, training and networking opportunities they need to improve productivity and profitability.
  • Become a ROOFPRO
    Our ROOFPROs are already accessing a number of business-building tools, from rebates and co-op dollars to the e-learning curriculum of IKO University. Elevate your business by signing up now.

Unlock ROOFPRO Benefits

  • Co-op dollars.
  • e-newsletter communications.
  • e-learning via IKO University.
  • Live events (Profit Power Workshops) and webinars.
  • Curated content (under My Learning).
  • Downloadable branded assets for your website.

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