Roofing. Shingles. Underlayment.

They may not be the most interesting things to talk about, but your home is probably the biggest single investment you’ll ever make.

You owe it to yourself and your family to get the best roof protection you can afford. And, if that new roof just happens to look drop-dead gorgeous, you can even increase the resale value of your home.

So do your homework and shop around. We’re here to help, whether you decide to do the job yourself or hire a professional roofing contractor to do it for you.

Just click on the links below to get started by learning the basics. Then we’ll build from there!

Blueprint For Roofing

Download IKO’s “Blueprint for Roofing Application Guide” in your choice of PDF or video series.

Roof Fall Protection

Tips for Keeping Roof Fall Protection Top of Mind – Protect Your Workers, Improve Your Business

Cold Weather Roofing

Must-Know Tips For Installing Shingles In Cold Weather

The Purpose of Roofing Felt

Have you ever approached a roofing project and wondered: is roofing felt necessary?

Flat Roof Materials

Flat roofs can flatter many modern home styles. Explore the options and see how they differ from pitched roofs.

Workplace Injuries’ Impact on Roofing Companies

We all know that working in the construction industry, and specifically roofing, comes with risks.

4 Ways Roofers Can Use Technology

As a roofer, you’ve probably spent years perfecting your craft. You’ve studied the best techniques, determined which roofing products work best under which conditions and worked hard to install attractive, lasting roofs for your clients.

How to Choose the Right Roof Ladder

As a residential roofer, your tools are an important part of everyday life. When used properly and chosen carefully they can help keep you safe, make the job go more smoothly and allow your work to really shine.

Ladder Safety Tips

In the U.S., half a million people are treated each year for ladder-related injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Overcoming the Labor Shortage in the Roofing Industry

Are you optimistic about your roofing business’ prospects and potential, yet concerned about delivering results because of a skilled labor shortage?

How To Start A Roofing Company

So many roofing companies close their doors before they even get going. Yet, starting a roofing business is not hard to do when you can spot and avoid the pitfalls.

How to Get Roofing Leads

Learn how inbound marketing is changing how you can generate roofing leads

How to Deliver Great Roofing Presentations

The Rules of Selling Have Changed. Have You?

Tips for Creating Residential Roofing Contracts with Clients

Ah, paperwork. It’s one of those “necessary evils” that every business owner needs, but tends to put off or ignore completely.

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Oh yes, you CAN handle the truth. But here’s one truth you need to recognize first. Despite the old adage to the contrary, the customer is NOT always right.

Answers to Contractors’ Frequently Asked Questions on Asphalt Shingles

Experienced roofing contractors are a great source of information when homeowners need a straight answer about their roofs. But where do contractors get their facts?

How to Find Employees for Your Roofing Business

If you have more roofing projects than you have qualified workers to complete them, here are some helpful tips for finding, hiring and keeping the right people.

What is the Purpose of a Starter Shingle?

Every roof has to start somewhere, and that somewhere is at the appropriately named starter shingle (also called starter strip). Starter shingles are the initial shingle products installed on the roof, just before the first course of the finish shingles, which will comprise the visible parts of the roof.

What Are Architectural Roofing Shingles?

Find out from the experts at IKO what architectural roof shingles are and how they differ

Overview of the IKO Limited Warranty

The information in this section will help explain some warranty terms and conditions.

Guide to Drip Edges for Shingle Roofs

A roof drip edge directs water into the gutters. Discover the proper drip edge for a roof and how to install it, including how to cut it for corners.

How to Price a Roofing Job

Bidding and Estimating so You Can Remain Profitable

Roofing Do’s and Don’ts to Enhance Your Professional Reputation

Discover how earning a stellar reputation depends on so much more than just being great at installing shingles.

Shingle Roofing Tools and Equipment that May Be Needed to Start a Roofing Company

What tools should a roofer have when they are starting their own business? Should you buy or rent? To answer your questions and help get you organized, we’ve consulted with Andy Lodge, a roofing industry veteran.

How to Join a Flat Roof to a Shingle Roof

Flat roofs are in style in the residential roofing world. You will find flat roofs on tiny homes built in urban centers and on rural off-grid homes.

Contractors Ask IKO for the Truth About Asphalt Roofing Shingles

Experienced roofing contractors are a great source of information when homeowners need a straight answer about their roofs. But where do contractors get their facts? In part, they get their facts through experience and industry associations, but also to a large extent through the technical support, literature and interaction with their roofing material suppliers.

How to Boost Roofing Productivity as a Small or Large Business

As a roofer, the faster you can get roofs done, the more money you can make. That said, there’s no use in sacrificing quality for speed being that you don’t want to risk getting callbacks or bad reviews which can undermine your business reputation. The secret is to be efficient, balancing speed and quality to deliver great results in a reasonable time.

SWOT Analysis for Roofers

SWOT analyses have long been a useful tool for businesses of all kinds. A complete SWOT analysis can inform your long-term business strategy, helping you make up for your major weaknesses and use your strengths to capitalize on opportunities. It’s a simple method to use and understand, and even new business owners can find value in it.

The Complete Guide to Designing Your Roofing Company Logo

One of the most exciting parts of starting a roofing company, or giving it a brand refresh, is designing the logo. It’s thrilling to see your vision for a company translated into art. A clear, expressive, and strong logo that stands out can be a significant asset for your business moving forward.

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your Roofing Shoes

Wearing the right pair of shoes for roofing work is essential to keep roofers safe, productive and comfortable. As a residential shingle roofer, throughout your day, you walk on steep pitches. You’ll stand on various surfaces, from shingles to decking.

How to Prevent Client Call Backs after a Roofing Job

It’s Monday morning. You’re facing a pile of work and are just about to start digging into a new asphalt shingle installation project. Then, the phone rings. A client is asking you to return to site to look at something that’s not quite right with their new roofing system.

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