Almost every steep sloped roof will have a ridge at the top of the roof where different sides of the roof meet.

Many roof designs also have sloped ridges (hips) where roof planes meet an angle. Ridge cap shingles are used in these locations to provide a complete watershedding system starting right where raindrops first meet your shingles. The use of IKO Ridge Cap Shingles or an IKO approved equivalent is required to meet the terms of the IKO Limited Warranty.

Hip and RidgeTM

Hip and Ridge is a perforated 4 piece traditional hip and ridge shingle. Now in colours that pair with our most popular laminated shingles, it installs easily by simply bending and nailing in place. As an optional feature, double stack the shingle pieces to provide a visually thicker ridge line.

IKO UltraHP®/UltraHP® IR

Our specially constructed ridge cap shingles are designed to provide a high-quality alternative to using cut-up roof shingles to protect this important area. The “HP” stands for “High Profile”, which means that they’re also designed to add dimension, depth and texture to your roof line and rakes.

This video explains how the different Hip & Ridge shingles should be installed.

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