Stick With A Stronger Way To Start.

IKO EdgeSeal roof starter is highly recommended to help prevent wind uplift and blow-off in the critical areas where shingles are most vulnerable – the roof perimeter along the eaves and rakes.

Peel the no-stick release film and stick down the IKO EdgeSeal to bond the drip-edge, ice and water membrane and first course of shingles to create a unified barrier against Mother Nature. IKO EdgeSeal comes in 67 foot rolls, to go down easy and fast!

  • Double-sided, extra-tacky adhesive creates a super strong bond to seal the drip-edge below to the shingle above to ensure the roof perimeter is securely fastened down.
  • No special tools, hardware or training required for installation. You’re ready to roll. Just peel off the specially treated no-stick release film and adhere directly onto a recommended IKO ice and water protector and/or drip-edge. Then roll or simply press into position, peel off the top film layer and start applying the shingles.

  • Meets or exceeds most national building code requirements.


ASTM D1970, Miami-Dade Approved*
67.3' (20.5 m) x 8.75" (222 mm)
Quantity Per Unit/Package
4 Rolls Per Carton

All values shown are approximate. Product is designed and tested to comply with ASTM Standard at time of manufacture prior to packaging.

* Products with Miami Dade NOA, Florida Product Approval, and Texas Department of Insurance listings are available. Miami-Dade & Florida Building Code High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVAZ) approvals apply only to shingles available in the southeast US market. For more information please visit: our listings page or contact IKO at: 1-888-IKO-ROOF (1-888-456-7663)




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