Blueprint for Roofing Shingle Application Guide

Blueprint For Roofing Shingle Application Guide

This Blueprint for Roofing Shingle Application Guide is designed to help you understand the process taking place as you replace or repair your roof. Work your way through all of the program’s modules completely. Then play them a second time and compare the information with the roof installation instructions printed on the bundle wrappers and the information available through our website.

Download PDF Version OR view the videos below:

Blueprint for Roofing (How to Install Shingles) videos:

Blueprint for Roofing - Introduction VideoBlueprint For Roofing - Roof Types and DefinitionsBlueprint for Roofing - Measurements and Materials

Blueprint for Roofing - Tool Requirements and PreparationBlueprint for Roofing - SafetyBlueprint for Roofing - Deck Preparation and Roof Repair

Blueprint for Roofing - Drip Edges, Eave Protection and UnderlaymentBlueprint for Roofing - Valley ConstructionBlueprint for Roofing - All Shingle ApplicationBlueprint for Roofing - Re-RoofingBlueprint for Roofing - Low-Slope - Roof-Fast ApplicationBlueprint for Roofing - VentilationBlueprint for Roofing - FlashingsBlueprint for Roofing - Hips and RidgesBlueprint for Roofing - Inspection and Clean UpBlueprint for Roofing - Roof Care and MaintenanceBlueprint for Roofing - Products




IKO Blueprint For Roofing – Introduction

Roof Types and Definitions – Part 1

Measurements and Materials – Part 2

Tool Requirements and Preparation – Part 3

Safety – Part 4

Deck Preparation and Roof Repair – Part 5

Drip Edges, Eave Protection and Underlayment – Part 6

Valley Construction – Part 7

All Shingle Application – Part 8

Re-Roofing – Part 9

Low Slope – Roof-Fast Application – Part 10

Ventilation – Part 11

Flashings – Part 12

Hips and Ridges – Part 13

Inspection and Clean Up – Part 14

Roof Care and Maintenance – Part 15

Products – Part 16