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PROFORMAX – IKO’s Complete Roofing Systems


When we sell a roof, we’re not selling roof shingles, we’re selling roof systems. I think it’s important for the teams and the crews to understand the specific installation methods for that roof system. We install our roof systems per IKO’s PROFORMAX guidelines. They’re the ones making the material, and they’re the ones testing the material. That includes their field shingles, hip and ridge shingles, underlayment, ice and water shields in the valleys and starter shingles around the roof edge. We want our roof systems to be the best out there on the market, so, whatever IKO says in their manufacturing brochures is exactly the way we put the roofs on.

At Invictus Roofing and Construction, they don’t just sell roofs, they sell complete roof systems. Each roof system they install is done as per IKO’s PROFORMAX Building System guidelines, includes deck protection, synthetic underlayment, roof starters, and capping shingles.